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    There are many plans available for Airtel Internet on Mobile. Airtel offers best service in India but is not available every where which is it`s main drawback.

    Airtel Internet Plans:

    1. Normal Plan : 30 paisa per 50 Kilobyte. This the normal plan that is first activated when one activate internet in mobile.

    2. Day Unlimited: It costs Rs. 22 per day and has 200 MB free in the full day time which is enough for surfing but some what low for downloading for those who want to download more.

    3. NOP: Net On Phone is the most popular internet plan offered by airtel that offers unlimited Internet on mobile per month no limit but one can download maximum of 2 MB file in a single download link. It costs Rs. 99 per month for prepaid users and Rs. 95 for postpaid users. It cannot be used in computer. If any one really want to use it on computer than he has to use proxy and port 8080 in their browser.

    4. 2 GB limited plan: It is new and great plan by Airtel that has 2 GB per month limit and is for Rs. 100 per month only. it can be used in mobile and as well as in Computer that makes it better than NOP plan.

    You can know more about it by typing *567# and then click on dial button.
    To deactivate any plan dial *567*2# only.
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    Good info about the tariff but your 3rd point is not clear to us.please make it clear!
  3. talktoanil

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    recharge your phone with 98 rs or make sure u r balance is more than 100 and then dail the number posted in 1st post and then you can activate it....use instructions on screen


    any one knows how to check how many MB used out of 2GB after activating the plan ?
  4. Rockstar12345

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    ^i stay in mu and here it is *123*6# , if its not working for you then replace 6 by 1 to 10 and u will surely find it.
  5. mickey

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    i got 5 plans with Airtel..

    1. 30 paisa / 50 kbs

    3. 10 Rs. / 100 mb

    4. 19 Rs. / three days 200mb

    5. 98 Rs. / month 100 mb day , 2gb night
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    hows mobile office?

    Previously I was using airtel mobile office plan. It was a daily usage based plan which was pretty decent. the charges were approx Rs. 12/day and you can even connect it with laptop.. but no good browsing speed.. also I wanted to know when will 3G come to Airtel network? any updates?
  7. mickey

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    it will come when it will come :p
  8. talktoanil

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  9. gaggan4392

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    I think Airtel will release 3G this year before Starting of winter.
  10. pisces_m

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    dial *123*10# to check the balance mb left in your account and validity
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    98 Rs. / month 100 mb day , 2gb night plan from airtel

    try 98 Rs. / month 100 mb day , 2gb night plan
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