Airtel has increased price of popular GPRS pack!

Discussion in 'Airtel 3G' started by tolkapiam, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. tolkapiam

    tolkapiam New Member

    Yesterday I got a message that From Aug 13th , Rs 98 -2GB/30 day GPRS pack is changed to 1 GB-30 days- Rs 98. ( they have increased price by 50% by reducing usage by 50% but keeping price the same)

    Went to Airtel shop and asked them any change in Rs 251 -3 month GPRS pack (8GB) for AP.They checked and said no change in the 3 month plan.
    so did the Rs 251/3 month/8GB .:D
  2. Warrior

    Warrior Member

    Yes, i have called customer care and enquired .....they said now 98rs pack gives only 1GB of usage , val 30 days :(

    They also said from today 51 rs pack gives only 500mb val 15 days :mad:, earlier it used to give 1gb, val 15 days

    Strange: Today i have recharged with 51 rs pack, got 1GB :confused:


    They said there is no change in DATA in 24rs pack ( 200mb, val 5days) and 251rs pack ( 8gb, val 90 days):D
  3. rj_rajkumar

    rj_rajkumar New Member

    what are the speeds for these packs?
    for 98rs and for 251 rs , please tell me
  4. pisces_m

    pisces_m New Member

    The Plans are valid from 13th August in Delhi, I got my recharge yesterday, so got 2GB. From next recharge onwards its 1GB. But with slow speeds and doing net on phone only 1 GB is more than enough also.

    @rj_rajkumar: The above recharges are 2G speed charges. The speeds are EDGE depends or Signal strength and handsets. The speeds are generally around 150kbps for me.
  5. no doubt that airtel has gone Nuts.

    instead of reducing prices and winning competition, they are increasing prices in almost every area taking from sms, calls and now data.

    this is all because they their quarter financial result saw a 4% loss and they needs to recover that much.

    poor airtel, they dont remember that there are other operators as well in the market nd MNP is there.....

    i think that day is not far when airtel will surrender its spectrum to govt with repeated losses in every financial year. :D
  6. tolkapiam

    tolkapiam New Member

    Telecom cartel overall has managed higher prices

    Starting from BSNL they have increased prices slowly.

    Now that the sword is hanging on many new operators's liecence linked to 2G scam,all the major's are bold enough to increase prices .

    First they stopped the 3G price competition by reigning in BSNL by direct bribe or political pressure ( bribe the Telcom regulator/minister/10 janpath)

    You have to accept still India is the cheapest in mobile talk time.

    The only area they are still throwing some freebe (although reduced some what) is offering free sim or almost free with some talk time.
    Just to tell the stock market they have so many new activation.

    Every adult ,child and unborn already have 4/5 sims.

    Still on average majority are not spending more than rs 300/month (combined on minimum 2 sims)
    Only factor which could justify price rise-is spectrum is limited ( unless the military vacates)
    Older user usage voice,sms and data.
    They are trying to con younger users with a laundry list of things where they can make money-:cool:
  7. ankitbhat

    ankitbhat New Member

    this is just a beginning i guess they will even increase the prices now
  8. mickey

    mickey New Member

    but whats there to laugh man???:rolleyes:

    you should be angry like this :mad::eek::(
  9. Warrior

    Warrior Member

    Lol airtel 2gb data usage for 149rs , val 30 days :eek:


    Idea has also decreased it’s usage quota from 2gb to 1gb on 96rs gprs pack,val 30 days :mad:( ap circle) .
    For 2gb pack, users must recharge with 148rs, val 30days ( ap circle).


    BTW did aircel & docomo decrease usage quota ? Every operator is following airtel....what an idea sirji :D
  10. Damonsalvatore

    Damonsalvatore New Member

    So the rs 251 still offers 8MB ? And its for three months ? Is the speed good . Thinking of buying that pack :)
  11. Warrior

    Warrior Member

    I think 251 gprs pack is available only for few circles , call customer care and enquire about 251 grps pack @ your circle.

    This 251 gprs pack (8gb,val 90days) was introduced by airtel @ Andhra Pradesh 1 year back
  12. i dont think so that it still exists.
    bcoz in rajasthan, for more than 6yrs, irtel had RC395 gprs pack giving true unlimited access for 30 days..... but since this month onwards, it has been closed.
  13. Warrior

    Warrior Member

    Before introducing 98 gprs pack & 251 gprs pack, airtel had one stupid gprs pack for AP users i.e. 397 , 1gb, val 30 days :eek:


    Now it has been withdrawn
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  14. mickey

    mickey New Member

    The message is clear...

    Move to BSNL for better:)
  15. Warrior

    Warrior Member

    I get less than 100 kbps on bsnl gprs plans:(
    on vodafone & airtel i get 150-200kbps:)
  16. mickey

    mickey New Member

    i get 1.3 mbps avg..
  17. tolkapiam

    tolkapiam New Member

    BSNL-3G itself is not too good inside the house.half the time switches to "E" from 3G.
    Airtel & Voda GPRS are good.(150 kbps -200)

    My Voda 2GB/Rs 98 pack expiring on 26th is showing minus and increasing for the past 4 days.(from -100 mb to -500mb now!):D
    My Vodafone Prepaid a/c balance is rs 1 and I dont answer the Advt machine that calls atleast twice a day (on roaming-you touch answer immediate debit Rs 1 !)
    Voda hoping to recover the negative balance from the next recharge may be!
    But on 25 th mid night this Voda sim is retiring. Substitute fielder Aitel extra sim is ready and activated. Just have to put rs 251 /3 months and insert in to the smart phone.
    No idea to touch IDEA Gprs . Right now just use Airtel .
    BSNL 3G sim is ready for emergency deployment.
    Dheeraj- Did you try Do co mo Gprs ? Better than Airtel ?
  18. mickey

    mickey New Member

    ^^noone is better if you know..
    they are all same.. same network conditions, same plans, same feautres, same speed.

    just depends on place to place , but they are same killing our money...
  19. Warrior

    Warrior Member


    I don't use docomo gprs .... one of my friend uses it. Today i removed his sim from mobile and inserted in my data card, lol... it took 3 minutes to open this forum page. I have checked speed profile in MDMA, downlink & uplink @ 128 kbps:mad:

    Docomo not good at my place.Vodafone & airtel gprs packs speed profile shows 240 kbps downlink for me :)
    I will take new docomo sim this week , just to check 3g speed, we may have docomo 3g in Ap within couple of weeks . Docomo will launch 3g services in ap via Intra Circle Roaming Agreements (ICRA) for 3G services with aircel.
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  20. tolkapiam

    tolkapiam New Member

    Thanks for your reply about Gprs speeds of Docomo. So far Airtel & Voda only works well here .Infact if Voda had a longer duration pack like Airtel I will keep Voda Gprs too it in a extra AP voda sim. Right now Rs 98-1GB inflation is not palatable.:p

    Whenever some one launches 3G ,some times you get free 3 G signal for Gprs pack for a while. You never know. I may also get a DoCoMo sim and keep it ready for deployment .:rolleyes:

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