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Discussion in 'Airtel Mobile' started by Preeti_20, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Preeti_20

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    Airtel customer care is really awful, like mentioned in my other post that money is being deducted (30 paise charge comes up at least 8 times in a day), when i called the airtel customer service people all the women on the other end could say is its nothing, and she was just not ready to look into the matter. I mean I have a problem money is being deducted from my account without me making a call or sending an SMS, and all she could say was there is nothing wrong.

    When a customer has a problem with their account they call up customer service and expect the customer care to help them out and resolve the problem, in which case it did not happen, and its not something you would expect from a company like Airtel!

    Ok its not a major amount of money, but when its been happening for 4 days and 8 times in a day, it means it will just carry on everyday until my balance finishes, when I have not even used it! Its ridiculous!

    I just dont know what to do now! I was thinking to actually call them up again and talking to their on duty supervisor or manager! Then will put an update on here!
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    Airtel Service

    Airtel brags and promises but delivers nothing... Got a msg to say Installation charges waived for payment of 5 months rental for Broadband. My friend Paid the money as they promised to install immediately. They put the line but nobody came for 3 days... Every time we ask, there is so story...
  3. KateGyll

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    The next step would be to document each time they have not come through on a promise. I like to think that many businesses are started to help make our live easier. Often times, however they lose focus of the customer, the same people that they are in the business of helping. If you take detailed and well documented notes, the paper trail will really pile up. They cannot ignore you then, right?
  4. chinuku

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    Probably some service is using gprs in ur phone. try disabling autostart for the applications which use internet.
  5. Preeti_20

    Preeti_20 Active Member

    I have read a few posts from people stating that they think Tata Sky customer service is rubbish!!!!!!!!! I was quite confused as so far Tata Sky has given quite good customer service, and it was surprising for me to read what some people had mentioned.
  6. talktoanil

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    this worked for me.

    i called CC. and directly asked that person to transfer call to his PM or TL. I assured him that i am not going to complain about him but its some serious issue for which i am calling for 5th time. then that person transferred call to his TL. I explained him my problem of money being deducted for service which i have not subscribed. After half an hour i got 30 rs credited.

    try this method.
  7. just4kix

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    I am surprised that Airtel is charging money to call their call center. I am on iDEA and call to the customer care number is toll free.
  8. deepmohan

    deepmohan Its Time To Change !

    I am Airtel customer and no money is being deducted for calling customer care, its totally toll free.
  9. chinuku

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    u will be charged if u call the customer care, while u r roaming.
  10. Preeti_20

    Preeti_20 Active Member

    Ive just noticed I posted in the wrong section..........oooooooops
  11. im facing one pblm in airtel

    my balance in one unused airtel sim = above 3 Rs

    when ever i make a local call it shows very low balance u cant make a call

    many times called customer care ,, he is telling it is strange pblm..

    also some times i call to customer care.. it says message to customer care we will help u soon,.

    how can i contact and how can i resolve? how it happen?
  12. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Have you registered in SelfCare web site ?
  13. mrsoftian

    mrsoftian Guest

    calling cc is free in airtel even in roaming just call 123
  14. anandsht

    anandsht Member

    It is true that calling airtel customer care is not free anymore.When you talk to their customer care executive 50 paise per 3 minutes are charged.
  15. sarathmay3

    sarathmay3 Guest

    This is a very common problem seen in most gprs enabled phone (i hv seen only in N series in nokia)
    Its not airtels fault, i will come to tat later
    Coming to the have to go to the settings> search for internet settings and select "connect only wen needed" wherever applicable. Im supposing it is on "connect when needed" by default as in my case.

    your problem will be solved hopefully. You are getting charged 30p /50k for each session. Some rogue software is accessing net in your phone and airtel can do nothing about it.

    GPRS has been activated by default in airtel wen the sim is inserted into the phone. Maybe thats their only fault if you have to blame them.

    Despite knowing this even i get charged every now and then coz of the multitude of softwares installed in my phone. (each software has an individual option for accessing net settings)

    This works only for ppl using Nokia phones Symbian series 60
  16. Thomsbly

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    Now airtel again want to receive customer document for prepaid old connection...!
  17. sarathmay3

    sarathmay3 Guest

    well its mandatory by all networks not only airtel. its per govt orders.
  18. sl_ict

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    Only BSNL is providing free customer care.

    BSNL is providing free customer care ,Also so many exchanges in all cities to get solution to any kind of problem.

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