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Discussion in 'Airtel Broadband' started by Dinesh Ganesan, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Dinesh Ganesan

    Dinesh Ganesan New Member

    Does anyone knw the airtel broadband customer care number (chennai customer care number)... i checked my bills couldnt find it,actually my net is too slow and im not able to download anything,im using 256 kpbs.please if you have the number do provide me.thanks. :)
  2. sivaji

    sivaji New Member

    you post sounds very funny ,i am in chennai and i use this number 42111213 to contact customer care .
  3. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Airtel Broadband Customer care no delhi

    44444555 BB customer care airtel
  4. ashishtabla

    ashishtabla New Member

    Thanks for information
  5. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

  6. avoid airtel

    AIRTEL Franchise M/S BALAJI Communications Karol Bagh charged me 750/- rs for installation of broadband line to my residence which i was later told - is not even under their coverage area.

    I am not their customer . I gave money after i was told that the installation can be done.AIRTEL people picked the cheque from my residence and assured me again that installation will happen .

    My money is stuck for no fault of mine. I am asking my money back for services never rendered by AIRTEL.

    They has been unprofessional and unethical in charging me for something they do not have .They should have checked before taking my money and documents .They have conveniently told me that i will get money in 45 days time ! as per company policy !!

    I Don't know the reason for delay in processing my refund , and also that , what action has been taken against mr. Krishna and mr.Ramesh from M/S Balaji telecommunications , Karol back for giving me incorrect information , charging me and then denying responsibility for they unreasonable and unprofessional conduct. Avoid Airtel . Airtel is Fraud. Airtel Service and Customer Care is Pathetic.
  7. harshak

    harshak New Member

    Please Dont take Airtel Broadband Connection in Bangalore

    Hello sameerherenow Even Iam facing same problem with AIRTEL Broadband. From past two months I am suffering to get my money back. Barati Airtel is really a fraud. Can any one help me with this. I paid advance for three months. CAN I CONSULT A LAWER OR A POLICE FOR THIS. PLEASE HELP ME.

    Airtel is really a fraud with cheap representatives and poor customer service.
  8. eyesonyouu

    eyesonyouu Member

    Check the other thread "Problems, promises and frustrations" for the answer.
  9. maniacscorpio

    maniacscorpio New Member

    Even i am facing this problem.. they took my money but not returning it... I think its gang who run this business, they took money & flew.... There is no policy to returning the money within 45 days 7 so....
    I spoke with relationship manager of airtel, there is no policy like that.
    I am going to complain Police regarding this gang.
    They make me fool , now i cant keep sit quietly...
  10. neerajvohra

    neerajvohra New Member

    Where are you located ? Does the Airtel guy with ID card, Airtel form including plan voucher came to your house to get the payment in advance ? You paid in cash or check?
  11. cnu8910

    cnu8910 New Member

    avoid airtel

    I subscibed for airtel broadband upon which they said it will be installed the following day.Then started my troubles.the agent avoided my calls for weeks.Finally i went to the showroom where the manager washed off his hands saying that it is the duty of the agent to process it further.(agent is no longer available there.Its been three months from then and i still i didnt get my money back.

    My sincere advice is to check the back ground before they award any agency.
  12. Srinivas Surya Tej

    Srinivas Surya Tej New Member

    just so you know, internet service providers mention these things is bits/sec, whereas computers read it in bytes/sec. so in reality, 256 kilobits/sec = 32kilobytes/sec or as would be dsplayed on your pc, 32 kBps......
  13. Ruchi Batra

    Ruchi Batra New Member

    44444121 this is Delhi customer care....

    thank you
  14. kart

    kart New Member

    Airtel new Broadband connection

    Me too facing the same problem . An guy from airtel came to my office to get all the details and the amount. One day after that i got a call from installtion team but no one came for installation from then. No one is picking the phone from which the call came to me .
    Installation team no : 04442184312
    contact no of the Person who collected the money :7305242760

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