Airtel broadband cant handle secure sites (https://)

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    Airtel broadband is unable to handle the secure http (https://) traffic. After a number of complaints, they are still struggling to figure out the issues.
    Every time their engineer comes, he points to random things. For them, everything is wrong except their network. In spite of giving sufficient proofs of the problem at their end, these guys are still struggling.

    I think anybody who wants to use broadband for the following things should seriously consider going for airtel broadband:
    - GMail and many other mail portals (using https)
    - banking sites ( ICICI, Citi, etcnothing works since they all use https)
    - office VPN connection
    - interestingly, can't login to the airtel site also ( showed this when airtel guy said the websites have a problem)

    The laptop works well with other service providers on wired, wireless and Tata photon modems. (The first thing Airtel engineer suspects is the laptop and the WiFi AP, if it is not from Airtel)
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    Here is the workaround worked for me on 450BX1 modem but it seems temporary. Login to your router /modem using go to Advanced setup, select WAN. On right hand side edit PPPoE entry. In service category select UBR with PCR and then set PCR to 1450 cels per second. For rest screens keep pressing next. Finally save and reboot. The problem may come back again after few hours or days, then change the service back to UBR without PCR and save and reboot. I think it just resets some thing inside router which is blocking ports like https, smtp etc.
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    Thanks for your reply Yogi.

    With such incompetent customer care like Airtel, we need to find ways to solve our problems ourselves. If left to the Airtel technical support, he would have changed my AP, laptop, modem, and my home itself since each day he said something else is wrong :) Though the suggestion did not help me recover from the problem,thanks anyway. And I hope you will not be stuck with this pathetic company for long.

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