Airtel Blocking Torrent downloads?

Discussion in 'Airtel Broadband' started by mad_dr1ver, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. mad_dr1ver

    mad_dr1ver New Member

    Since yesterday i have had this issue where the torrent download would start, pick up speeds of upto 25 KBPS and then it would come down within 2 minutes and the down load would stop. The pirate bay wesite shows that the torrent has over 150 seeders. still i am unable to download.

    I use utorrent client with a Netgear wireless router connected to a betel DSL modem on a Airtel 256 kbps unlimited connection in Delhi.
    Port forwarding is configured for the wireless netgear modem but not for Betel (it has no options for port forwarding).

    Anyone else facing similar problems ..? Or
    Anyone with a Solution :)
  2. iceman1981

    iceman1981 New Member

    may be a torrent issue , try some good private trackers with high speed like
  3. xwhyz

    xwhyz New Member

    I don't think that ISP's in india were having any rights to block any sites unless and until specified by government of india on some cases. I guess airtel would not have been blocked it, just check whether everything is fine on your side!
  4. desiguru

    desiguru New Member

    They don't do as they don't care, but they can block sites on their own as well! There is nothing we can do in India or anywhere, its part of standard ISP terms and condition!

    I was using a VoIP device with BSNL connection couple of years back and the port was blocked by BSNL.
  5. iceman1981

    iceman1981 New Member


    try 100megs download..
  6. bisu

    bisu New Member

    try this

    Hey, Try changing the port in Utorret to a different one(Random) . (eg. 24367) and configure your port with that. test and check if that is working. If the test fails it means you're unable to connect to any remote peers.
    If test fails, try it again by activating 'DMZ' for a while and see if that works... if that works it is an issue with the portforwarding.

    If it does not, try 2 things,
    1. download another client like azureus and see if that works fine.
    2. download a different torrent (any one) with an extremenly high number of peers and see if thats working.

    If, option one works, then the issue is with utorrent,
    if option 2 works then the issue is with the torrent you're trying to download.

    I hope it helps. :)
  7. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    uTorrent will select random ports only if you set it that way. You can set a fixed port by unchecking 'Randomize Port at Startup' option.
  8. pisces_m

    pisces_m New Member

    Airtel is not blocking torrents as of now.

    Airtel Beetel modem has Port Forwarding. Go to advanced options page and then in NAT got Virtual Servers. Add the port selected in Utorrent and Static IP created while port forwardingand save.

    Dont forget to change settings in Utorrent
    Preferences -> Advanced Tab -> Change value of net.bind_ip to the static Ip you have chosen for port forwarding.
  9. jacen110091

    jacen110091 New Member


    I'm having the same problem.

    I'm on the 384k connection with average download speeds of roughly 44-45kbps at any given time. But torrents refuse to download at an average rate that goes beyond 10-12kbps.

    It isn't a question of enough seeds, and it isn't a problem with the torrent-client.

    And unfortunately, the Beetel 220bxi does NOT allow port forwarding options.
    As I searched this forum for info about this, everyone kept pointing out the way to open ports in the setup for the 220 bx modem series, but nothing for the 220 bxi!

    I feel as if I ought to simply ask Airtel to replace my modem with the 220 bx or I shall have to change to a different provider.

    Unless someone here can suggest a better solution...
  10. SpaceRays

    SpaceRays New Member

    Calm down dude!

    Check this link:
    Open ports for your Airtel connection (Port-mapping) ?

    Enjoy :)
  11. jacen110091

    jacen110091 New Member

    Mate this is a "how to" for the previous-generation modem series...
    The newer models don't have the same options to allow for NAT options or Port-Mapping... wherein lies my problem.

    I'm re-discovering a love for streaming content though...
  12. vixy

    vixy New Member

    Airtel blocking torrents

    I just called up airtel (Bangalore) and was surprised to know that they are blocking torrent traffic. :(
    I am asked to send an email requesting to allow torrent traffic.
    Not sure if it creates more problems. I am told it might be a good idea to use torrent VPN services.
    I would be glad to hear any alternate thoughts/ suggestions.:confused:
  13. debaxish

    debaxish New Member

    haha.... [sorry], i often face the same problem, my speed comes down to 3-8Kbps after 15-30 minutes with 4mbps while seeder is wisely available @ 126/1566. it is a issue of beetel modems [as per me exp], just reset the modem and restart.

    i am using torrents like 18 hrs/day and sometimes the modem starts hanging ..
  14. player

    player New Member

    Indeed everyone above here who are reporting the torrent issues are correct these fu***rs are indeed blocking torrent traffic to be precise they are blocking our ports(is this freedom) and more over they have this icing on the cake known as FUP **** which states you go beyond 8 GB download/upload and you are restricted to only 256 Kbps of bandwidth wow!

    my plan is 1Mbps,in bangalore

    PS: coming here after a long lonngggg time....
  15. bhanuraghav

    bhanuraghav New Member

    Airtel is also blocking my torrents speed. If i use any download manager or normal Internet Explorer, Firefox Manager my download speed goes to around 240 to 250 kbps every time whether it is night or day.
    But when i use Bittorrent , Vuze clients my speed was capped and not getting more than 100 kbps and also average speed is 50-40 kbps.
    But when i woke early in the morning and start my PC at around 7:00 AM then i get the torrent download speed goes to normal my 2mbps connection i.e. 240 to 250 kbps around. After 10:00 AM i get the speed is capped and again now it is around 70-80 kbps download speed.

    Plz solve this problem and told us why is happening all the time.

    Airtel Connection Owner Name: Bhanu Raghav
    Phone no.: 011-40527898
    email id:

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