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Discussion in 'Airtel Broadband' started by vahuja, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. vahuja

    vahuja New Member

    i have been using Airtel broadband & internet from past 6 months. what is wrong is that they just change their charges without informing us. the call rates are different what are charged and what are told.

    as for example... from past 6 months i was charged at on per pulse basis for ISD calls and as soon i choose a lower speed internet plan they increased their charges to per minute basis.
    this not the case with BSNL...bsnl charges are very matter in what plan you are...
    With airtel....either by hook or by crook...they make money....and cheat people...
    As for example..with BSNL..the std charges are 1 per minute..with rent of 180 and as broadband plan choosen, but with airtel broadband connection call rates are 2.2 to 2.4 per minute....see the difference...
    If airtel people reduce charges for internet...they suck money on voice plans...Guys u also check the billing...

    my results are after very deep study of comparsion..
    imo BNSL combo 500 is a good plan for Home users......see website.

  2. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Fancy that. I am glad that I am with BSNL.

    Actually we start watching one issue so much that we completely ignore the other.

    For a casual BB user there is no better plan than Home 500 C (Combo). You get the phone rates as per the One-India phone plan, zero fixed line rental and 175 free pulses. All this for Rs. 500 pm or Rs. 5000 pa. For sheer "Value for Money", this plan cannot be beaten.
  3. TheOne

    TheOne New Member

    Well i have Airtel broadband connection at my home and i have 999 plan under which i amm getting 1 rupee per minute call rate which i think is a good and the same is acceptable to be... i dont think that they are cheating any one...
  4. vahuja

    vahuja New Member

    check ur std pulse rate & your ISD rate...
    Bsnl has 1 rupee per minute for STD & ISD on pulse basis ie approx 10 sec per pulse
    ....Airtel....cannnot comptete...i am sure...
  5. Jupiter

    Jupiter New Member

    Airtel have different call rates under different packages. If you see under 666 or 999 package one can get a call rate of 1 rupee per minute which is equal to what BSNL is offering. :)
  6. Zeus

    Zeus New Member

    if you have any complaint regarding there bill then you should call there customer care and they would surely help you out regarding this and also if you would like to have a detail of call rates then also you should call them.
  7. User789

    User789 Guest

    when ever you choose or change your package just keep one thing in mind and that is you should see what the call rates are as every different package have different call rate.

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