Airtel 4G in Chennai!!

Discussion in 'Airtel Broadband' started by aaliyah1000, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. aaliyah1000

    aaliyah1000 New Member

    Hi all,

    i recently came across in some blog that airtel have launched 4g in kolkata. Any idea when it will come to chennai?
  2. $h@d0w

    $h@d0w Guest

    How lame !!! Even a baby knows that.... at least try to provide a TENTATIVE DATE and not just a LAME "COMING SOON"
  3. sarveshmotihari

    sarveshmotihari Tech Crazy!!

    Don't be rude. I just tried to share whatever information I had. :(
  4. r.dyp

    r.dyp Member

    In TN and Chennai Airtel does not have 4G/BWA spectrum :(
    Wait till Aircel comes up with any updates regarding 4G development from their side!

    End of this month Airtel may launch 4G services in Bangalore, and before June Airtel 4G will be available in Pune and Chandigarh too!
  5. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Let us have a decent 3G with affordable rates first, please.
  6. $h@d0w

    $h@d0w Guest

    But thats only possible when 4G is launched full fledgedly.
  7. aaliyah1000

    aaliyah1000 New Member

    Thanks r.dyp, your answer had more sense when compared to others...
  8. $h@d0w

    $h@d0w Guest

    After Kolkata Airtel will be launching 4G in Bangalore this month followed by Pune and in Chandigarh.
  9. aaliyah1000

    aaliyah1000 New Member

    thanks $#@|)0\/\/ for ur answer. Is there any news/information available about it in online newspapers? If yes, please let me know it..

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