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Discussion in 'Airtel Mobile' started by tomydelhi, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. tomydelhi

    tomydelhi New Member

    When Airtel is going to start 3G in delhi NCR region?
  2. tomydelhi

    tomydelhi New Member


    Today they have started it, but huge rates they are charging

    Anybody started using it?
  3. tomydelhi

    tomydelhi New Member


    Used it for two days
    In open places the speed is excellent
    But interiors, it is so so
    Whenever we use 3G inside rooms, the mobile phoe signal is getting weak
    I think the 3G spectrum is eating up the 2G signals
  4. neerajvohra

    neerajvohra New Member

    yes, I too faced the same issue. I called the cc to make a complaint and they told me that they are adding more towers. lol I asked then WTF I am paying for 3g when I lost signals. I am back to 2g, lucky hadn't recharged the 750rs plan, just did with 200rs to get 200mb which I downloaded the same day while walking in a park. :D:D
  5. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    its common problem with GSM-3G service as they function on 2100 band. if you keep the device near a open window, you would find marked improvement.
    comparatively EVDO functions better indoors as they work on 800 band. of course, with EVDO, it is not possible to have simultatious voice and data calls which is possible with GSM-3G
  6. tomydelhi

    tomydelhi New Member

    Why you are paying that much

    Take a 98 rs. 2GB unlimited 2G plan and it will work perfect for 3G also

    What is the solution for this?
    What about using both modes together?
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  7. bajaj151

    bajaj151 Member

    How to use Airtel 3G on Nokia 5610 (recharged with Rs.200)
  8. neerajvohra

    neerajvohra New Member

    I didn't get that, you mean recharge with 2g plan and use it with 3g ? Aint they gonna cut off my balance ? I don't wanna lose my 2k+ balance for such trick ?
  9. ulysses

    ulysses Member

    Best do all this short cuts with a pre paid sim and not your main no!

    Yes ! Better to get a new pre paid sim and do experiments like this.:eek:
  10. neerajvohra

    neerajvohra New Member

    I tried with the old SIM and its working :D

    I get a data message for deducting mb's from 2g plan, though im using 3g :D:D

    Thanks :)
  11. pisces_m

    pisces_m New Member

    Airtel is giving promotional offer to all its customers till further notice. I also use 98 recharge for 2gb on 2G and i got a sms from Airtel as a promotional offer you can use 3G at 2G speed rates so i changed my network mode to dual and now i am getting 3G speeds at 2G rates.

    But it will not last for long, at last you will need to shift to 3G or stay back to 2G in any case the prevailing charges will apply as per usage.
  12. tomydelhi

    tomydelhi New Member

    It is not a trick or experiment
    It is officially confirmed from Airtel (even Vodafone) that the exising plans will continue for a limited period
    Let it go like that till they re think.
    I am using 3G and my balance automatically get deducted every month 98 rupees only and I am getting 2 GB free
    You recharge the mobile with 98 rupees and see (for delhi customers)
  13. ulysses

    ulysses Member

    In south - Airtel 3G trials during which they were giving 3G speeds for GPRS plans has stopped I think. ( Any memebers getting 3 G speeds in GPRS recharge in Bangalore,Hyderaabd,Chennai- correct me if Iam wrong)
    Vodaphone which is under trial in Tamilnadu-has announced that till April 1st or so one can enjoy 3g speeds in GPRS plans.
  14. tomydelhi

    tomydelhi New Member

    Anybody from UAE here?
  15. dasiydee

    dasiydee New Member

    Airtel broadband connection in chennai | PRI

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  16. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Thanks for the commercial. Let us discuss the issue now.

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