Airtel 3G USB Datacard query, urgent help badly required, please help me. :(

Discussion in 'Airtel 3G' started by rocket16, May 16, 2012.

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    I am from Calcutta, West Bengal. Yesterday, I bought this Airtel 3G Data card and activated it with the Rs. 950 plan. It got activated today. Now, I use Ubuntu Linux and that's why the technician couldn't set up the connection. There was no problem, linux simply detected the modem and installed. But the APN was set to because did not work on my modem (if I would set, then it would not get connected). Even then, roaming was required to be enabled to connect to 3g.

    Now, I saw that my OS shows me that choosing incorrect APN may lead to billing problems. My plan is 6GB 3g unlimited, with 2g there forth. When I asked the airtel people today, they told me that the APN is but it wasn't simply getting connected. By default was selected by my linux distribution.

    Now I already used 1.4 GB of data on my modem. I am really afraid, since the APN was and not, will there be additional charges for my use? btw I saw that Mobile Office has its APN and on my phone, it is really costly (usually it got automatically activated twice after my Rs. 98 1 GB monthly plan ended and finished all my balance).

    btw my usb datacard is postpaid. I sent an SMS to 121 with 3guse and the reply came that I already used 1400 MB and this excludes the monthly charges and discounts. So, will there really be any additional bills besides my Rs. 950?

    Please help, I'm really really scared.
  2. Chuckles

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    That's an amazing overreaction.

    Indeed, is fine. A quick google search would have told you that airtelgprs is the APN people use for 3G.
  3. rocket16

    rocket16 New Member

    Oh, thank you very much sir. :)

    Actually I got scared because of 2 reasons.

    1. The airtel people told me to use as the APN (although I browsed the web and found to be the only choice for 3g).

    2. Mobile Office really eats up my balance after I finish my 1 GB data plan (2g) on my phone. That 10p/10kb really frightened me, because my connection is postpaid and 1.4 GB would lead to a huge sum in that way.

    I just called Airtel helpline and they supported what you said (actually I talked to them first out of fear and then came back to the forum, to find your message).

    Really, many many thanks. :) This really relaxed me.

    Additionally, just one more thing. Since my plan is Rs. 950 unlimited, and they clearly stated that 3g will be for the first 6GB and 2g then (unlimited), can there still be any way the postpaid bill comes more than Rs. 950? (I ask this because I previously had Tata Photon and they charged Rs. 1240 for 10 GB. Sometimes my usage exceeded the limit, and they charged that).

    Sorry for sounding so stupid, actually I am new to the world of mobile broadband connections.
  4. sarfrazcool

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    hi, dont worry bro, even iam using the same plan 950rs 3g speed till 6gb and thereafter on 2g unlimited, i had just received my bill 2day and it was rs 950 + 114 (service tax), my usage for the month was 9604.82 mb . So relax bro...!!! :) :)
  5. Varun Shastry

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    Problem with installation.!!

    I've the problem with installing the software in ubuntu. It would be better if you can provide me the installation help in ubuntu.
    [ It stops at nohup /usr/airtel/MobilePartner command, so I think it has installed but I'm unable to run. My other question is how to run it?]

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