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Discussion in 'Airtel 3G' started by electronickid3, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. electronickid3

    electronickid3 New Member

    I'm new to this forum,I would like to know is there any FUP in airtel's unlimited plan ,I purchase the MTS Mblaze unlimited without knowing about the FUP:(,I could change to BSNL but the upload speed is capped in it.

    Will airtel activate my MTS device or should I have to buy one from them.
  2. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    MTS is CDMA/EVDO technology. Airtel uses GSM technology. The two are like diesel and petrol engine cars - Not compatible.
  3. ATHUL4R

    ATHUL4R New Member

    by sawing the title
    "Airtel 3G unlimited plan "

    i think there is unlimited 3g plan from airtel.

    you cant use MTS device for airtel.
  4. rocky2003

    rocky2003 Member

    after reading this thread........i thought airtel has launched 3G plans.:mad:

    waiting for airtel launch to attractive and cheaper 3G plans....;)

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