Airtel 3G Speed results - Bangalore 27/01/2011

Discussion in 'Airtel 3G' started by Blackdragon123, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Blackdragon123

    Blackdragon123 New Member

    Please see attached my first speedtest results on Airtel 3g on 27/01/2011 at 7.28 pm.


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  2. ajeeshonly

    ajeeshonly New Member

    Could you tell me how to set it up on android phones? Airtel support have been of little help.
  3. Blackdragon123

    Blackdragon123 New Member

    Call the customer care folks & have the 3G services activated, you will receive an SMS from Airtel confirming activation of 3G services, wait for 2 hours, set all your network settings to default/automatic, restart phone if required & you should see 3G near your signal bar n you should be able to use it. Access point is default : username n password is blank,

    Ps: I use an iPhone 4
  4. ajeeshonly

    ajeeshonly New Member

    I have already done that. Airtel CC is clueless of what's happening. They have not been able to provide me with the manual apn settings for Android yet. If it was a Nokia I would have received the automatic settings.
  5. harishrvt

    harishrvt New Member

    i just sent the SMS "3G" (without the " ) to 121 , they sent a message saying wait for 4 hours , and the next morning , when I checked , there was no settings that was sent ...

    later in the day , i tried to connect on my Android phone , using the mobile office settings , and my phone was connected at a very high speed (downloading at 65kbps) . Though , my 3G phone does not display 3G for connection , it shows H (HSDPA) ..

    @BD123 , will check once again with AirtelGPRS settings ...
    PS : Quite a bit of speed variation , cos I can get 65kbps near Forum Mall , 20 kbps near Leela Hotel ...
  6. v_ra

    v_ra New Member

    Same here I didnt get the settings automatically . Ended using the Mobile Office APN .
    The signal's are very weak ( 1-7 asu) so if we use the dual mode as Airtel CC ppl keep saying , the phone will switch to 2G and will be on EDGE. Keep the mode as WCDMA.

    The speeds I get are between 400-800 kbps. ( tested with speedtest). Not sure if its because of using the Mobile Office APN or because of poor signal.

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