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Discussion in 'Airtel 3G' started by adityaseju, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. adityaseju

    adityaseju New Member

    Hey guys, I was using bsnl 3g by now. (Rs 4200/ 6 mnths unlimited plans)
    But after that plan was over and with no more unlimited plans in bsnl, I was looking for some good data plans.
    bsnl 3g was ok with inconsistent speeds and too many disconnection issues.
    I activated a 98 rs/2 gb plan on my airtel 2g card and used it with my data card on pc. I was surprised to see I was getting nearly 5 mbps speed with a fairly constant rate of 3 mbps without any sort of disconnection whatsoever.
    even downloading was good. With IDM it was 300kbps avg.
  2. please mention your circle
  3. adityaseju

    adityaseju New Member

    I am from Ahmedabad
  4. yaar all tricks (or loop holes) are found in gujarat circle only. i really feel jealous about that...
  5. adityaseju

    adityaseju New Member

    Maybe you are right coz in guj airtel is using idea's tower so It might be giving 3g speeds, also on my huawei's mobile partner software it shows HSPA+.
  6. mohitshukla

    mohitshukla New Member

    Can I use 2G card in 3G sim

    My 3G card's validity is till 10th Sept 2011 and I want to put 2G internet card of 98.. So will it give me data before my 3G card expiry date .. ????:confused:
  7. pisces_m

    pisces_m New Member

    On a new recharge old validity automatically expires, and as you said you are using 3G services so recharging with 2G plan will not be possible on your number. For 2G services first deactivate 3G by sending 3G to 121 and then recharge with 98 pack and select mode as dual mode that is GSM+3G/UMTS/HSPA and see if you get 3G speeds with 2G 98 recharge.
  8. mohitshukla

    mohitshukla New Member


    But in network type I have selected WCDMA Preferred... (I have Huwai E173Bu-1 modem) that means dual mode normally if it get access it can get 3G network too or else 2G...

    So now m converting my Airtel sim back to 2G n checking weather its working or not wid the 98 recharge for 3G speed...
  9. if vodafone has separate license for 3G in your circle then airtel sim will surely get 3G signal in 2G sim also.

    but if vodafone doesnt have separate license for 3G, then it has tied up with Airtel for 3G. and for this reason, in such circles, airtel is not letting its 2G users to access 3G signals (vodafone's policy)

    a very good example for this is delhi circle getting 3G access in 2G sim whereas in rajasthan (my circle), 3G access is only allowed after 3G activation. :(
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2011
  10. mohitshukla

    mohitshukla New Member

    Well In my area (UP east, kanpur)
    I don't find Vodaphone 2G or 3G signals ..
    So what does it means .. ???
  11. if no 2G or 3G signals of vodafone in your circles, then that means you are out of your mind :D
    bcoz thats next to impossible. :p
  12. mohitshukla

    mohitshukla New Member

    Here is the proof from my desktop...

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  13. dude, if it doesnt come in your area that doesnt mean that vodafone is not present as a 2G service provider in your circle....

    Have some logic / common sense at least. :)
  14. adityaseju

    adityaseju New Member

    I am from satellite
  15. topmakemoneyideas

    topmakemoneyideas New Member

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  16. canshirst

    canshirst New Member

    wow what a speed in 2g plan. are you right in 2g plan get the 3g speed. thank for the share
    if any one not using it then try it and share it it's wonder full idea
  17. rocky2003

    rocky2003 Member

    downloaded almost 900MB in 20 minutes......on 2g plan with nokia N8....:):)

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  18. rocky2003

    rocky2003 Member

    yup....1GB download in 45minutes.......:):):):):):):):)

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  19. dj23

    dj23 New Member

    hello frnds, once i did-first convert my 2g airtel sim to 3g then after 3g being activated in my sim i dial *567# and opt for rs 10 plan 100 mb i was left with my 5 rs bal then i acess net but my 5 rs bal vanished i contact cust care and she said that 2g plan will not work in 3g.....but my friends in allahabad are acessing 3g at rs 98 in airtel only.i m currently in ghaziabad.kindly help me i f u know the solution.:)
  20. dasiydee

    dasiydee New Member

    Airtel | DSL

    Airtel 3G is providing the best Downloading and Surfing Speed then any other network, But Airtel 3G Data Plans are bit costly and normal person can't afford it. So we all want to get 3G speed in 2G Gprs Plans in Airtel 3G which is now possible and working 100%
    * First deactivate all the Gprs Data Plans and Activate Airtel 3G
    * Now Activate 7rs Airtel 3G plan and wait till the service got activated
    * Use 2-3 MB data and then recharge with 98rs 2G Gprs pack on the same day
    * After than do not use Internet till the validity of 7rs plan gets completely over
    * Viola! You hack Airtel 3G speed, now enjoy 3G speed in 98rs plans
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