Airtel 3G plan charges revealed :

Discussion in 'Airtel 3G' started by neerajvohra, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. neerajvohra

    neerajvohra New Member

    Airtel launched 3G services in Bangalore today and we have some news about the plans and tariffs. Activate 3G

    First you have to send a SMS 3G to 121
    You would get a reply from Airtel if your handset is compatible
    We got back a message stating the tariff as Rs. 30p / 20kb and we were asked to confirm by sending 1 as a reply.

    This is the pay as you go plan (3G PAYG VBC)
    Any 2G pack will be de-activated once you activate 3G
    We request you not to activate 3G as you might be charged heavily. Instead activate a data pack below by calling customer care !
    Update tariffs chart added
    Airtel 3G Data Packs

    Sachet Plans

    • Rs. 9 for 10 MB, validity 1 day (will expire on sameday midnight)
    • Rs. 60 for 65 MB, validity 3 days
    Sacher Plan Time Based

    • Rs. 45 for 30 minutes and then Rs.3 per minute (will expire on sameday midnight)
    Standard Plans

    • Rs. 103 for 100 MB, validity 30 days
    • Rs. 200 for 250 MB, validity 30 days
    • Rs. 450 for 600 MB, validity 30 days
    • Rs. 750 for 2 GB, validity 30 days
    Flexi Shield Plan

    There is also another plan in which you pay Rs. 675 as a monthly rental and get 1.25 GB free usage on 3G
    Post 1.25 GB you will be charged 1 paise per 100 kB or 10 paise /MB
    After that you pay for extra usage and max bill is Rs.2000 after which your speeds will drop to 20 Kbps
    Video Calls

    Video calls both on-net and off-net will be charged at 5 paise / second for both local and national roaming
  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    There was something about a 14GB plan in news but I dont see any 14GB plans on their website and Airtel 3g is only available in Bangalore for now.

    I was expecting much lower prices.
  3. Warrior

    Warrior Member

    toooooooo costly
    default internet cost 30 paise for 20 kb ridiculous i.e rs 15 for 1 mb

    docomo and reliance has 10 paise for 10 kb i.e rs 10 for 1 mb

    bsnl have 1 paise for 10 kb i.e rs 1 for 1 mb

    in my view bsnl is the best for default internet plan , some people will check only emails so if you use bsnl , you will be charged just 2rs or 3 rs for opening yahoo mail classic,as yahoo mail page will be less than 2 mb ,if you use airtel then you will be charged 15 rs for 1 mb

    EVEN airtel data plans are costly when compared to bsnl data plans.

    there is no unlimited plan in airtel. ( 750 for 2 gb is a little bit cost. bsnl provide 6 months unlimited for 4200 ie. 700 permonth at 7.2 mbps ) many bsnl circles have upgraded to 7.2 mbps, don't know whether airtel is providing 750plan for 3.6 mbps or 7.2 mbps.

    will airtel also charge for incoming video calls?
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  4. nevinjohn

    nevinjohn Active Member

    Better migrate to BSNL

    Keeping in mind, hours of youtube and torrents, Airtel 3G is not worth. It can be used only for video calls, in a cost efficient way. If BSNL is providing unlimited for 6 months, I think I will use "Mobile No Portability" sevice!!
    Guys, whats your opinion?
  5. Warrior

    Warrior Member

    ya you are right?
  6. me too switched to tata docomo. quite happy with it :). free from expensive calls rates and recharges. and also, no use high 3G rates. :p
  7. neerajvohra

    neerajvohra New Member

    its the last plan, for postpaid customers where you get 1.25gb, and then charged till 2000rs=14gb and then automatically the speed gets reduced to worst then edge i guess.
  8. vinit

    vinit New Member

    its not 128 kbps read carefully its stone age 20 kbps speed
  9. rsatibf

    rsatibf New Member

    Sachet Packs

    Does anyone know if post paid GPRS subscribers can take the 3g Sachet plans? These are marked as pre-paid though.
  10. neerajvohra

    neerajvohra New Member

    Do you remember 1-2 years back the gprs plan were costly too? The same is with 3g right now. Let all operators get into the 3g battle, the MNP do the shakes to the operators and you will see the price drop :D
  11. RobertS

    RobertS New Member

    Looks like very expensive deal, i think i need to port my number to BSNL
  12. aaron

    aaron New Member

    Expensive ...:mad:
  13. TheKing21

    TheKing21 New Member

    A bit expensive

    Even i feel that Airtel 3G is a bit expensive since Vodafone 3G Plans are much more better than Airtel 3G Plans
  14. crashnburn_in

    crashnburn_in New Member

    Is that true now?
  15. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Not any more since Airtel came up with more then 50% cut in their regular 3g prices. Check out their website for latest 3g tariffs :) Not bad atall or atleast a step in the right direction.
  16. tolkapiam

    tolkapiam New Member

    I dont know whether you are using pre paid or post paid Airtel 3G.
    The double data offer ends on Nov 30th instead of Dec31st.
    we are thinking of getting a 10 GB pre paid recharge before that deadline and carry forward with rs 103/100mb/30 day pack.
    if you are on post paid ,you have to live with whatever rates they charge you.
  17. Chuckles

    Chuckles New Member

    I would be very surprised if prices went back up and stayed up, given the competition.
  18. nikodas

    nikodas New Member

    Thanks for sharing this info!
  19. aktmnr

    aktmnr New Member

    But today i called the CC.. he says that there is no double data available you will get 250Mb for Rs200 and so on..

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