Airtel 3g [Chennai] Starts fast hen slow down

Discussion in 'Airtel 3G' started by vigour123, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. vigour123

    vigour123 New Member

    I was earlier using the BSNL 3G, but because of the problem with its browsing some of the common sites, although good torrent download speed, I just got Airtel 3G unlimited package few days back on my phone.

    My experience is that after registering to network I get decent 3G speed, but after some usage of 15-25 MB, the connection slows down. So when I was in middle of watching videos, suddenly it slows down and buffering becomes too sluggish to watch.

    My Experience is starting from 100-150 kB/s, it move to 20-30 kB/s and later just slowed down to 10 kB/s. [Note: B for bytes]

    Anybody else experiencing the same with Airtel, at least in Chennai? I am in Velachery area.

    Also, anyone knows what speed we'll get in unlimited plan after ~13 GB (Rs. 2000 limit)? Edge speed or just 20kbps [b for bits]

    If I face similar issues for another day I will unregister for Airtel 3G back to basic of broadband I guess.

  2. brother, this is called "speed capping" :cool:
    this was first started by docomo, followed by bsnl, then reliance and now airtel....

    no doubt all operators s***ks
  3. ulysses

    ulysses Member

    Airtel should give atleast 1 to 3 Mbs up to data plan limit

    If you get only 100 to 120 KBS initially and then slows down-it is not good.
    may be 3G signal not good at home.You try in the phone in main road.

    Iam in the elite BSNL 1 Mbs capped club.(6 months U/L plans bought before Jan 30th)
    Since last few days BSNL browsing has improved and ping less than 120 most of the time.
    Running it 12-15 hours a day thro phone via /tether/local spot wi-fi to note book.
    No serious downloading/music/movies.Just connected to exchanges and brokers.

    From 15th March Idea,Vodaphone apart from Airtel & Aircel will have fully operational 3 G services running in chennai.:)
  4. ib123

    ib123 New Member

    Airtel 3G speed slows down

    yes. Airtel 3G starts with good speed like 1 or 2 MBPS and after some download it goes down to 40 KBPS. If this continues everyone will switch from Airtel.
  5. manmadhaan

    manmadhaan New Member

    is this issue still there? this was the reason i moved out from airtel..
  6. pramodd

    pramodd New Member

    Airtel 3G is still pathetic. These people are damn clever. They fool you with the promise of watching videos without buffering. I took 750 Bucks standard plan for 2GB free internet in Bangalore. And here is how I got conned.

    1) First 100 MB >> wow! what great speed... No buffering needed for watching videos...
    2) Next 50 MB >> uhhh! videos are needing some buffering now... but anyway I dont watch many... browsing is still good...
    3) Next 30 MB >> ****... even browsing is so difficult... Is this indeed 3G... speed test shows 10 KBps.
    4) Next 20 MB >> GMAIL is suggesting using basic html version for slow connections... because normal version is taking ages to load.

    Thats not the end of the story though! I spoke to customer care... and the customer care are seriously strange people... They don't understand your problem... neither do they want to. They will promptly take your complaint... but you are never informed about the follow up or closure of your complaint.

    Jai ho! Airtel 3G! disconnecting people. Pathetic product and pathetic service.
  7. smartyram

    smartyram New Member

    Started off 1-2 Mbps after 24 hrs getting 40 Kbps! :(

    Purchased the Airtel 3G USB modem 7.2 Mbps – E1731 (data card) from Airtel a Customer Relationship Center (CRC) for Rs 2500. Took the Flexi Shield Rs 675 post paid 1.2 GB data plan. Was promised activation in 24 hours, it does not happen. Another day goes by and after calls to the CRC personnel it is finally activated. I get up to 2 Mbps download speeds as per

    Next day morning I log on to the internet and the speed now drops to 20-40Kbps. Call the customer care go through the reinstall software and reinsert the SIM in the USB modem ritual. As expected that does not do anything to the speed problem. I raise a complaint on 23rd July 2011. Nobody responds. I call back on 28th July and the GPRS technical support tells me it is an activation issue. I am asked to call 198 and raise a complaint about the activation issue. I do that and on 29th I am told the activation has been done again and I should wait 24 hrs for it to be effective.

    It is 1st Aug 2011, nothing has changed. I take the data card to Airtel CRC and try in their laptop. Same problem, speed is 20-40 Kbps. I call the GPRS technical support and I am again told it is an activation issue. So we are back to square one. The only difference is that the first phone bill will be due soon.

    Airtel will now charge me for a service I have not been able to use for the past 15+ days.

    I have emailed customer support, lets see.

  8. u have better used an software for huawei modems (will support ur airel modem also) known as MDMA (mobile data management app). and connect using this. it will tell u the speed profile of your connection.

    if speed profile is as per 3G, then its issue with operator and will be rectified when they wish to rectify.
    And if speed profile is shown as 128Kbps (or less than 1Mbps), then its worth complaining.
  9. mickey

    mickey New Member

    happens with browsing.. ( i noticed this).. same servers will always go busy on mobile broadband.. dont know what maybe the reasons.. i curse the dns for this..

    try changing your dns to google's.. download the namebench software and check which dns is good fo your connection at a given session..
  10. manmadhaan

    manmadhaan New Member

    This is the exactly reason i closed my 3g connection with airtlel.. i had the same issue customer care.. nobody try to understand / solve the problem.. i think, if we take flexishield plan, and if we download something, the speed drops to 20KB.. it must be settings from backend which customer care / frontend people wont understand.. just move away from airtel and get into BSNL 3G.. so far good..
  11. smartyram

    smartyram New Member

    I tried googling the MDMA software, could not find any download links. Can you please provide a link or a google search string for downloading the MDMA?


    We already have a BSNL broadband connection on the landline. The problem with that is the connection drops frequently and comes back after 5-10 minutes. This is the reason i went with Airtel 3G to get a stable connection.

    I have to work from home sometimes and I need a steady connection to login to my office network using VPN.

    How is BSNL 3G does it have a steady connection?
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  12. download it from here : MDMA - a Mobile Data Monitoring Application
  13. smartyram

    smartyram New Member

    Status Update

    Airtel representative does a field visit to my home Thursday Aug 4th. Not surprisingly he discovers there is no netweok issue as the Airtel tower is in front of my house!

    I try his test data card 2 Mbps on speedtest website! So now the problem is supposed to be with my Plan. I visited Bangalore on the weekend and noticed my speed is between 20-40 kbps just like in Chennai.

    So now it is clear that Airtel is throttling my speed from thier backend. I call 198 today and enquire about my complaint. Nothing has been done as it is not a network issue. Now I have to call 7070 the data dept of Aritel.

    I do that and I am asked to perform another ritual. Take the SIM from the data card, put it in a cellphone. Go to manual network selection and select Airtel 3G. After that put the SIM back in data card and I should get the speed. I am keeping my fingers crossed!
  14. smartyram

    smartyram New Member

    Problem resolved!

    This is to let everyone know that after 45 days Airtel has finally resolved my speed issue!

    In these 45 days I moved to a new rental accomodation. Now that the speed issue is gone I have signal strength issue!:D

    In my older place the Airtel tower was in front of the house and i had full strength! Now I have signal that goes from zero to full bars depending on where I am in the house!

    Anyways I am able to manage with what i have now.
  15. Rodin

    Rodin Guest

    same prob

    Im frm Blore,, my speed has gone down to 6 - 10 Kbps
    my frnd's docomo is way much bttr than this Airtel
    Shud i get a new connection frm a diffrnt company or
    things will turn out fine later on???
    How ironic is their motto shitty airtel saala
  16. smartyram

    smartyram New Member

    Stay away from Airtel

    If you have post paid then be warned Airtel will not close your new connection immediately even if you want to. I think it has to be working for about 3-4 months before they will accept a disconnect. And yes even if you do not use it they will bill you the monthly amount. If you do not pay it will get reflected in your credit report and will be problem when you apply for a loan.

    Things will not not turn out okay by itself raise a compalint with Airtel (on consumercourt DOT in) and keep following up with them it it gets resolved.

    Advise for all, Airtel has too many customers and hence is not able to service and support them. They have unskilled workers in customer care which is adding to the mess. If possible stay away from Airtel.
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