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Discussion in 'Aircel 3G' started by hr649, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. hr649

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    Aircel is the last operator to provide 3g services to select cities! And now its live in chennai.. To activate send "START 3G" to 121 , you'll get activated within a hour or two.... then switch to your "umts" or "3g" mode..

    As a Promo offer you'll have 250mb data usage and 50 video calls till feb 27.. Speed results will be posted soon.. stay tuned....
  2. ulysses

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    First Airtel 2G in 3G speed-Now Aircel 3g ! wow BSNL wake up!

    Are you still using Airtel 2G /Rs 90 pack and getting above 1 to 2 Mbps ?
    we wait for your Aircel speed test results.
    Is there a New Aircel DATA Unlimited pack @1200?
  3. hr649

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    ya still using that pack and same speeds !!
    AIRCEL speed test result...

    not so great speed.. but still its ok... i guess there is no such plan
  4. ramli7

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    Neither the staff at Aircel Store (PH Road- Kilpauk), where I bought the SIM, nor the customer care staff ( 1213, 1214 &1215 ) were aware of the 1275 unlimited plan. They asked me to call after 27th Feb.

    Now, I am using my free 250MB quota.

    The speed is 1 to 3.2 Mbps.

  5. Warrior

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    good speeds on aircel.........BSNL RIP


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  6. Warrior

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  7. don12304

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    My docomo 3g speed tested on

    My docomo 3g speed tested on i recommend all to use Docomo to get awesome me...lolz:p

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  8. shubhamn999

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    can u give the list of cities there aircel 3g service is provided??????
  9. atul88

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    Hey what is the apn you are using for aircel 3g??
  10. Warrior

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    I used aircelgprs ( both for 2g & 3g)
  11. tolkapiam

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    Aircel 3G experience ?

    Considering buying the Aircel 7.2 mbps stick on offer @ Rs 2100 with 3GB free usage for first 30 days.
    Dealer says Rs 1250/month un limited 3G plans are valid. Any idea?:)
  12. Warrior

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    As far as i know 1275 unlimited plan has speed cap . 3G speeds upto 5GB , post 5GB gprs/edge speeds.
    BTW can we unlock mircomax data cards ?
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  13. tolkapiam

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    Aircel 3G

    Thanks for the 5GB FUP limit on their Rs 1275 data card plan.
    I was considering Aircel 7.2 mbps card (Rs 2100 with 3 GB free /30 days with Airtel 7.2 mbps card (offer @Rs 2000 - MRP rs 2400- no free data or 600 mb not sure)

    So it looks like Aircel - Rs 975 Super Pro Pack (@7.2 mbps) -2.5 GB/30 days plan is better than Rs 602 -Pro pack 1 Gb /30 days (@3.6mbps).

    Are you able to extend the validity for next 30 days with Rs 92/100mb/30 day pack to carry forward the left over in the original Rs 975-2.5 Gb pack?

    Speed wise are you getting atleast 3 mbps in the Aircel Super pro pack?

    BSNL (new sim- no speed cap) even gives up to 4 mbps-5mbps speed. But signal strength varies too much and half the time switches to "E" (Gprs speed) . Not to mention have to re start so many times.

    Stay away from Micromax. I do have a Micromax Q1 phone (dual sim) that works very well with 3 day battery life. Micromax service -I heard is bad also Micromax cheap android phone is useless.
    Just curious - Does Micromax data card (7.2 mbps or 21 mbps )is cheap ?
    Is it locked ? if so with which provider ?
  14. Warrior

    Warrior Member


    I’m not using this plan now , earlier when i used this plan i used to get more than 3mbps

    Micromax has 3.6mbps & 7.2mbps data cards , i don’t think they have 21mbps data card.

    I heard that Aircel has tied up with micromax so if you purchase from AIRCEL store micromax data card will be locked with aircel and i don’t know whether it's easy to unlock or not.

    You can also buy micromax factory unlocked data card from mircomax store or online store but you will miss 3GB free usage for one month from aircel.
    It's better to go with unlocked 3G data card . Idea 3g is providing double data on all data recharges, enquire about 750 recharge ( 4Gb, 30 days)

    Mircomax 352G is priced at 2149 from one ebay seller. All 7.2mbps data cards ( micromax,lava,huawei, alcatel) are priced in between 2000-2300
    Many prefer UNLOCKED HUAWEI 3G data cards. I have huawei umg1831.

    Info: After creating new ebay account ,don’t buy anything with that account, wait for 4-10 days, ebay will send rs500 discount coupon or 10 % discount coupon 2 your e-mail on your first purchase. One of my friend purchased huawei e173 for 1560 rs ( using 500rs dis)

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  15. tolkapiam

    tolkapiam New Member

    7.2 Mbps card Airtel/Aircel /Vodaphone

    Thanks for the Ebay Rs 500 discount coupon info. But However I have no idea to buy thro net/ ebay.

    First went and checked with the dealer freind who offered Airtel 7.2 mbps card @ Rs 2000.
    It is imported by Beetel. But the model is Huawei 1730/1750 (eiether one).
    Called the 1-800 Airtel No- No free data.

    Then went to Aircel dealer shop who said Rs 2100 for the 7.2 mbps card.
    It is indeed true and made by Huawei too. 3 GB first month free .
    Afterwards have to choose Rs 975-2.5 GB or Rs 1250- 5 Gb FUP !

    Then the same dealer offered Vodaphone K3675 -7.2 mbps data card @ Rs 1900 !!
    He said for Rs 100 first charge (sim enclosed in the pack) I will get 1 GB.
    ( I dont think 3 Gb speed -may be GPRS.)

    Voda 3 G pre paid data packs sounds better than Airtel and same as Aircel.
    1 Gb -Rs 650/30 days
    3 Gb- Rs 850/30 days
    5 GB- Rs 1250/ 30 days

    Though Aircel 3 GB first month free usage is interesting,
    the ease with which I am currently using Vodaphone 3650 ( 3.6 mbps data card) for all sims other than Vodaphone in Win 7 notebook is making me consider this Voda 7.2 card. ( also Huawei )
    Not sure this is also unlocked like the 3.6 mbps card.:rolleyes:
  16. Warrior

    Warrior Member

    Any idea about IDEA 3G? I think they too have some free data with their data card.
  17. tolkapiam

    tolkapiam New Member

    Idea 7.2 Mbps data card reviw by a guy in Vijayawada in

    This review is dated June 10th 2011.
    "(IN VIJAYAWADA) I went to both AIRTEL AND IDEA to know any offers available.....

    And about IDEA. 3G netsetter (7.2 mbps,E1732) which costs Rs. 2000 and you know they are giving 5GB for beginners with a Recharge of Rs. 499. what a good deal. valid upto 30 days with free sim and activation. sim no valid lifetime. i was given a demo by the franchise . i checked the speed test and got 3.6mbps download and 1.3 mbps upload.

    i have purchased with proof of evidence. i purchased 3G netsetter with 5GB (total cost Rs.2500) in VIJAYAWADA. and my city is enabled with 3G services.

    it took around 2 hours to activate net connection although sim activated there itself. i used it at home it got connected to HSPA IDEA network. i successfully fished my work, what i am supposed to do with that device.

    At that night i downloaded oracle 11g version which is of 2GB in size and amazingly it got downloaded in just 1hr and 15 min .

    you know i checked statistics and i am amazed that it going for 3.5 mbps - 5.3 mbps and sometimes it reached upto 6.2 mbps.

    i am giving it with the rating of 4 STAR ......

    So it looks like Idea 7.2 Mbps data card gives 5 GB /30 days for additional payment of Rs 500.
    Afterwards 2 Gb/ rs 750 ; Rs 1250/ 5 GB like that.
    Idea data card can be un locked may be.

    Idea 3G is available in Andhra (not in Chennai yet)

    Overall all 7.2 mbps cards are around Rs 2000.

    Airtel- 2000 ( no data)
    Aircel -2100 ( 3 GB?)
    Vodaphone -2000 ( 1 GB ?)
    Idea -2500 ( 5 GB)
    If Voda 7.2 card is not locked like 3.6 card, I may go for it.

    Iam typing this with a Airtel Gprs data pack Sim in Voda 3.6 data card. Browsing is good ( better than Voda Gprs).
    Airtel Gprs Roaming other than home state also is working well.
    But not getting 3 G speeds in Rs 98 /2Gb/30 day plan.
    Using APN "". Suggest Any other APN ?

    Will try Rs 251/6gb/90 days instead of Rs 98 /30 days when this expires.
    Absolutely satisfied with airtel Gprs sim in 3.6 voda data card for non essential " Aaram se "browsing.
    But Have to use 3G for banking or other business purpose.

    BSNL 3 G is not so great. They reduced speed @ 1 mbps in un limited pack before. But new 3G recharge @ Rs 201/500 mb has no speed limit. Goes up to 3-4 mbps even. But not worth Rs 1100/ 10 GB as half the time goes to "E" when signal is poor.
    But thinking of buying MTNL sim with a small 3G data pack thro my family member in Delhi and check 3G roaming works in BSNL south area with out deducting from Main balance. If ok will even go for Rs 4500/6 months pack ( they say un limited) and use it for mass 3 G browsing with out meter.
  18. mimr2suman

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    Aircel 3 G speed

    check my Aircel 3G speed, at a time i am downloading 7 Video files & MAX speed reach 12.4mbps, enough in India!!!!!!!!!![​IMG]

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