AIDS Awarness Slogans

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    Aids Awareness campaign guys in the UK have become pretty desperate .... BCuz few people seem to be taking the Advice of using 'The Sheath' before Doing 'You Know what' ;) seriously ....
    So they came up with really catchy lines to encourage the use of 'The Sheath' and create more awareness bout it ....

    I have removed some of them as they were a little bit too explicit ...just to make sure that any underage readers wont understand anything....Enjoy the rest...

    New Aids Awareness Slogan

    1.If you really love her wear a cover

    2.Pack it in plastic it ll be fantastic

    3.House your hose and then curl her toes

    4.Garnish your oak and give her a poke

    5.Cage the snake and then shake and bake

    6.Cover your diddle then fiddle her middle

    7.Restrain your Hammer, then wam bam her

    8.Rope your dope then make some soap

    If this gave you a laugh repo me pls :)

    Admin have u come across any of these in the U.K ??:D
  2. sb21pro

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    wel i didnt laugh but still reps 4 u
  3. gurusam

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    good ones

    SEOBOT Guest

    ARE YOU AIDS PATIENT :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. just4kix

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    I had heard some of these but UK association is news to me.
  6. ShAdOwCoN

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    NO :D

    But i would appreciate a repo .... 4 lols deserve a repo ? :D


    tats what they say ... i did nt bother confirming it ....:D
  7. SmoothVibes

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    Eddy its not funny... but yes its catchy and gives a naughty smile on face ;)
  8. ShAdOwCoN

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    Yeah ... should have rephrased that to "if it gives you a naughty smile pls Repo me" :(
  9. SmoothVibes

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    you already got repo for this mate :)
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