Again BSNL 3G speed limited and now the speed is 1Mbps

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by ATHUL4R, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. ATHUL4R

    ATHUL4R New Member

  2. u are certainly a heavy downloader. :p
    20-25gb is not less.:D
  3. ATHUL4R

    ATHUL4R New Member

    20-25gb is not a big deal coz its only 6 dvd size mate.
    i downloaded about 60-80gb/month in bsnl wimax.
    Many users are downloading more than 50gb+ / month.

    when i am on unlimited 192kbps plan 5 years back i download about 1gb/month.
    by calculating the data in a 6mbps speed 25gb is not a big deal.

    and remember that there is no FUP attachment on 3g when i recharge for 4200, then what the hell is this, now i am think that staying in wimax is a good, my bad luck when i took 3g i disconnect wimax
  4. Wimax is very expensive. :(
  5. abdeali

    abdeali New Member

    u can use ipad micro sim and convert it into normal sim by adapter. thats the only thing u can do because now bsnl has removed unlimited 3g plans
  6. ulysses

    ulysses Member

    IPAD 3g sim anyone ?

    Junior !
    Have you tried the Ipad strategy?
    Ramli also mentioned that he has already cut out an adapter to fit the microsim in to the data card! may be BSNL will find out this loophole in a few months . But worth a try!
    Anyone recently got a bsnl 3g sim Rs 59+new data FRC 53? (1+1 gb free for 2 months)- Good cheap strategy only for 3g phone use for email,twitter,facebook ,check train reservation etc instead of GPRS.!
    (I mean new 3g schemes after feb18th)

    Anyone getting above 5Mbps ?

    I just checked as some body gave link -

    It seems FRC 53-( 1gb free for 2 months is applicable only along with BSNL data card purchase. otherwise FRC 120 must with only 3g sim purchase.)
    I got a scare about " no more data free roaming" as I am a heavy traveller as my name suggests. It is still free as per my understanding.

    Even in the old Rs 4200/6 months UL running subscribers- BSNL reducing speed for heavy downloaders? - (Iam just assuming from Athular -Trivandrum's observation.
    Iam in th same boat (till May end) .

    But my usual usage per day is 300-500mb (running live futures Exchange data for 9 hours during night + few hours blog browsing during day+occasional Educational u tube+ US Bloomberg radio/Bloomberg TV/CNBC TV for 30 min max at a stretch just to catch any special news etc.

    I rather keep my speed than download too much.still getting 3.5mbps.

    I dont down load music or movies.Have not used dl manager/torrents etc.
    In chennai you get all popular USA/UK tv serials and Hollywood movies rather cheap!

    Occassionaly listen to Arabic/samba/salsa/opera/Mariachi/Merengue/Country Western Music in online radio stations to change moods!

    Any other heavy downloaders in existing scheme feel speed throttled?
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  7. ramli7

    ramli7 Member

    Hi Athul,

    From your MDMA, it is clear that the connected tower at present shows only 1Mbps against previous higher level.

    For 3G, as per their claim, minimum the tower should be 3.6Mbps enabled. But in your case very sad thing.

    In MDMA top right corner it shows HSD(PA) + (HS)UPA. Why can't you meet some higher official in your BSNL office and ask his explanation.

    Ask him to explain what is 3G , HSDPA and HSUPA. Pull him to settle the issue. Or they render free service to the customers ? :eek:

    For me from the start of the day, for the last five months it is constant 3.6Mbps, till this day. :)

    Even EV-DO has 2.8 / 3.1Mbps connectivity !!
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  8. deep163

    deep163 New Member

    as far as i no the negotiated qos shows the imsi profile regstrd in the hlr... it clearly shows they hav capped the particular no to 1mbps dwn/ 512 kbps up... its not that the tower is capable of that only..
  9. ramli7

    ramli7 Member

    If so is his case, then they might have informed / warned him with relevant reasons for capping.

    After all, any / particular plan speed is common to all consumers of that specific plan and not to be curtailed / tailored for individuals !!
  10. varunraj

    varunraj New Member

    3G speed limited to 1 Mbps

    My bsnl 3G speed limited to 1 mbps, while downloading graphs shows a straight line(1 mbps). currently I'm in 2500 plan(3 month unlimited). Browsing was horrible now downloading speed capped to 1 Mbps. Bsnl giving worst service.
  11. Thish

    Thish New Member

    I managed to get postpaid unlimited just before the day they closed that plan.I have no problem with torrents.Browsing is horrible anytime.

    Managed to get 5.7GB in 7 hours:D

    will post screenshots soon.
  12. ramli7

    ramli7 Member

    Can you tell, what is the assigned profile or negotiated qos in MDMA for your connection ( as shown in ATHUL's post )?
  13. varunraj

    varunraj New Member

    I think the problem only in Kerala..... Others please wait, bsnl hardly working for you:D
  14. ramli7

    ramli7 Member

    So average speed is 231kBps or 1.90mbps approximately.
  15. varunraj

    varunraj New Member

    mdma screenshot

    Attached Files:

  16. ramli7

    ramli7 Member


    Thanks for the reply. It is a strange thing, whether it is tower's capacity or individual's capped profile.

    Certainly the case to be discussed with BSNL official.

    Assigned with 3.6mbps profile but getting 1mbps speed is different from this MDMA screen shots of both of you!! You are assigned 1mbps only. Why ?
  17. Thish

    Thish New Member


    For past 1 hour
  18. shebin222

    shebin222 New Member

    The same problem here. I'm also from KERALA

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  19. ATHUL4R

    ATHUL4R New Member

    wimax is not much expensive in kerala 2mbps unlimited at 750rs+tax
    I took the connection on august 2010 and disconnect on 30th dec 2010 and i brought 3g. now i am thinking that its a foolishness because now i am getting only 1mbps in 3g.
  20. chandu1989

    chandu1989 New Member

    hii i am from hyderabad from today morning i am facing the same one that my speed in torrents is not crossing 114KB/s.And in mobile partner signal str is 95%,distance is 82dBm.before Today my Minimum Speed is 400KB/s and Max is 620KB but now today morning it suddenly falls to 1Mbps i even didn't move my lap a inch from it's daily place where i get Max speed of 620KB/s.but why i am getting sooo i am soooo irritated with it.Is any one facing this problem from hyderaba?????????????????????:mad::mad:

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