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Discussion in 'Dish tv' started by imnk2, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. imnk2

    imnk2 New Member

    hello friends,

    Is Dish Tv provide any adult chanels ?
    If yes how can i get it ?
  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    No dist tv India does not provide any adult channels and nor does any other company like tata sky or any other dth and the reason is that Indian laws dont allow transmission of any adult content till date although there is a massive black market in India for mature content.
  3. imnk2

    imnk2 New Member

    Ok Indian laws dont allow transmission of any adult content on TV, but if i want to see any channel that contain A certified movies that are seen in TALKIES. Is Dish TV provide any that type of channels bcaz if such type of movies are allowed in TALKIES then why not on TV ?
  4. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    See the problem here is that in cinema halls there is a control who goes in and who doesnt and they can stop minors from watching an A rated movie where as on television there is no control over who watches it and there is (according to the government) a huge risk of minors watching adult channels.. this is the argument provided by the government.
    But now with tata sky it is possible to password protect a channel (dont know about dist tv) so you can get adult channels in future if the government gives a nod but they will be charged heavily be assured of that..
  5. neo001

    neo001 New Member

    No, Their is no adult channels available on dishtv platfrom, and also its not possible to have any adult channel being telecast in india in near future on any connection. because its not permitted by I&B ministry.
  6. neo001

    neo001 New Member

    Alright, the reason being viewers of tv homes are lot more as compared to people going for theatre fro watching these movies, further in theatres the gaurds have right to stop minors by watching those movies and in tv its not possible all the time. even though both dishtv and tatasky have parenten control in their remote to avaoid this channels being watched by minors ...but i don't think it will be their in near future and will take time.
  7. salaxzar

    salaxzar New Member

    i have CAS implemented with a set top box....can you plz explain on the above line....are there any cards available that can provide XXX content ...:p
  8. IBF

    IBF New Member

    Indian laws does not permit any adult channel even though they aslo do not permit adult movies or serials and all this is agains the law and as of this reason we also have censor board.
  9. neo001

    neo001 New Member

    Well even though cards may be available in Indain market in black but unfortunately you will not be able to use them with dishtv stb and lnb.
  10. salaxzar

    salaxzar New Member

    hmm i dont have dishtv thats the point...i have those cards might work...yeppe.....lolz.....cant wait to go to paalika....
  11. Broadband

    Broadband New Member

    No, you cannot watch adult channels on any Satellite service provider as this is not permitted by the law.

    SNEHALBV New Member

    I want to see ren tv . what i have to do ?
  13. snaveen

    snaveen New Member

    I know abt ren tv it's nice if you really want then go for big dish antenna old model in this so many channels if you adjust the angel frequenCY I will tell the ren tv if you really want ren tv means then go to big dish antenna may be they will provide it's also cheap...

    SNEHALBV New Member

    Ren tv frequency

    please tell me ren tv frequency.

    DONRULEZZ Member

    dishtv will allowed rusia fashion tv Lolzzzzz

    Oh dish tv Wish Or Adult Tv Pai Kiss karo lol i think dishtv will Allow Peh and Rus Fashion Tv
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2008
  16. Tejaswy

    Tejaswy New Member

    What happened to the guy who was about to go ta palika to buy some fancy CAS (porn) card?

    I hate people who do not follow up
  17. sumitdutt

    sumitdutt New Member

    be happy

    kyoon itna tention lete ho yaar, bazaar main 20 rs. main xxx DVD macchi bazar jaisa milta hai
  18. amitstg

    amitstg New Member

    Lemon channel is telecasting some regional hindi dubbed adult movies at 12.00 midnight
  19. king1983

    king1983 New Member

    thank you about that
  20. arshavin69ru

    arshavin69ru New Member

    another idea

    well,sorry about ren-tv but if you want to watch other russian channels like ntv mir,1tv russia,rtvi--i can help you.all u need is a dd direct or any other dish about 45 cm to 75cm and a free to air stb,u can do with a dd direct far as adult programs r concerned all that i can tell you is u get uncensored latest Hollywood movies and a wide range of movies from european countries on all subjects.of all the channels i've mentioned ntv mir is most popular and provides all round entertainment.Currently i don't have frequency details so you will have to move your antenna and keep searching
    until you hit the spot.

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