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    The useless laws in India are the main reason for illegal trades cropping up every where. Can you name even one city or town in India where you cant rent a porn video or dvd ? I very much doubt it. Palika bazar of Newdelhi is a hub for supplying adult video content all over India. Wouldn’t the government earn a lot of revenue from sales tax if it it was legal to sell and rent adult material? or let dish tv or tata sky transmit adult channels ?
    One more thing I would like to bring to your attention here is that adult toys are illegal in India and I find it stupid. Why on earth is a dildo or a sex doll illegal? Would it kill some one? Or would some one be forced to use it if it was legal? You cannot even import these items or order them on the net as anything coming from abroad is opened at Delhi by post office officials and a letter is send to the addressee to explain why this product is being sent to him and the product you ordered is destroyed or smuggled out for sale in black market so what good is this law doing? The only people who gain from it are who are into illegally importing these goods and selling or renting them in black market. Mind you there is a massive market of these items in India .. just in case if you didnt know.
    Many thanks to the government of India.

    Does you opinion differ? Leave your comments please.
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    Everything is due to the stigma attached to the word sex in india. It is termed as one of the most bad word one can use, at least in public. But as everyone know that india stands in top 10 when it comes to the number of hiv positive cases in the world. Its all due to the fact that it was not discussed in public and also due to the facts you have mentioned above. Only one way to stop aids in india is to make sex education at least in high school.
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    Same with liquor

    The same case is with liquor in Gujarat.Today you can find liquor anywhere almost.And policemen are bribed.Better they should make it legal and earn taxes from it(they would earn pretty good).When you cannot control some commodities anyhow,make it legal and earn.Even hookah is banned in my city nowadays and govt. can earn pretty good if they give permissions to hookah centres.People arent going to stop either.
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    We have double standards almost everywhere. We cannot tolerate the word "sex" but the sex and movies (and to some extent Cricket) are the only form of entertainment. We gave the world Kamasutra and Khajuraho but we ban sex education from schools.

    We have self-appointed "moral police" who prevent any open thinking in India.
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    Well it is not that we sex-education is banned is school. If you see now there are group which are goin from school to school to educate people regarding it.
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    It is not legal to watch Adult channels in India even though Kamasutra was coined in India. It is still bad to talk about it. So i don't think there is any future of having adult channels in India any time soon.
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    In the schools that I have seen around there is no subject/topic called "sex education". I think there was a big "hulla" some time ago when one school in Pune was a intending to start this subject. Need I say more ...
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    I think it would had been some time since you got out from School and things have changed a lot in recent time... like it had been 3 years since i passwed from school and in my final year there were some people visint our school and giving education on sex...
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    You are quite correct in saying that I passed out of school a while ago. However, my son, nephews, nieces, etc. all attend school. My friends and peers have also their children in school and I know what syllabus is taught. I have been to UK, USA, Australia, Europe, etc. and I have a fair bit of knowledge what is taught out there. I know that there is no sex education in schools.

    Giving two or three lectures on sex education or one or two brief chapters in biology is not what it is. However, we can agree to differ.
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    Well as of MoneyMind i think he is right. He said that a little bit education is given which is something in a country where talking about sex is a bad thing .. So i would also say that they are education and one day it would catch the speed it should go with.
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    Leave this topic and lets come back to the main topic.... Like you can see many adult movies being made in India so what is the point not to permit adult channels in India.
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    Adult movies are classified with the following warnings:

    [AL] = Adult Language - use of profanity, extreme swear words, sexual language, etc.
    [N] = Nudity (self explanatory :))
    [GL] = Graphic violence - gory violence, brutal killings, murder, etc.
    [SS] = Scary Scenes

    We do make a lot of adult movies in India (except Nudity - officially), but the points made by the "moral police" in India are:

    a) In cinema halls, children can be denied admittance to "A" films (ha! ha! we know the truth)
    b) On TV, there is no content management to prevent improper exposure (this is not true in case of CAS, STBs)
    c) Parents will not be able to control what the children watch (maybe)

    But none of the above really hold water. It is just that the "moral police" have self inflated egos and imposed self righteousness.
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    Tell me one thing. Like you said of the children. I know it is bad for them to see these (nudity) movies in such a age but i think you know that they managed to get there hands on these kind of movies and see them. So where are these restriction helping?
  14. just4kix

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    Yes - eventually young adults (if not children) manage to get hold of adult movies, magazines, books, etc. I am making the same point - these restrictions do not help much. But authorities can state for the record that they have done their duty.
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    What is the point to do something which would have no valid Effect?
    I would say that is is just a wastage of time, money and energy which could be used for some better thing.
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    dude,,, i dont know what you guys are up to but i know one thing... and that is if they would get the adult channles rolling in India then life would be like living heaven... :D
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    Lol.. looks like you are a big adult movie fan... but i think you would not see this thing in india ever....
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    Why not if the I & B ministry has no objections. Infact they are already allowing exposure to enough voilence and physical relation oriented news. There is no control over what the news channels broadcast. Atleast they must fix some time like from 12 am to 4 am for allowing adult content. Or introduce strict CAS so that adults have better control over the content. We are supposed to control what children see but here our GOVT. controls what we see as we are small kids. Everyone has their own freedom to watch what one likes. Such a disgusting Television format we have. :mad:
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