ADSL2+ Router iB-LR6111A (iball Baton)

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by vijaykhairnar, May 10, 2009.

  1. vijaykhairnar

    vijaykhairnar New Member

    Download Speed : 1.94 mb/ps
    Upload Speed : 0.62 mb/ps

    I am using ADSL2+ Router iB-LR6111A (iball Baton). I have configured it using setup wizard. I am new to this matter. Above is the speed I get. Is it OK?

    Can anybody of you explain all the settings of this particular router? I have BSNL Home 500 plan.
  2. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Confirm the speed reported from this site. - The Global Broadband Speed Test
    Mumbai and say Sydney servers.

    Post the links as hxxp://

    This router most likely to be same as UT300R2U new Bsnl model.
    See this link and confirm please.
    pages may appear in
    RED in your modem

    Para two:
    If you get a stable connection, no further changes are required.
    Para three;:

    Hope you will find this link useful.
  3. meetdilip

    meetdilip Guest

    1.94 Mbps is almost equal to 2 Mbps which is your maximum speed. It seems ok.
  4. vijaykhairnar

    vijaykhairnar New Member

    You are only allowed to post URLs to other sites after you have made 15 posts or more.

    Because of this rule I am unable to post URL. Although you can view the result by pesting the URL in your browser.

    Thank you all for your quick response.
  5. superprash2003

    superprash2003 New Member

    yea.. thats a good speed!!
  6. happy143

    happy143 New Member


    I'm thinking of going for purchasing the same.
  7. amlansarma

    amlansarma New Member

    Iball Baton ASDL+2 Router iB-LR6111A

    I have purchased this one after suffering with DLINK GLB502T.It is good till now.No problem with disconnection during Voltage fluctuation like DLink GLB502T.You have to connect it with UPS. It is much cheaper then DLINK.IT cost me only Rs.1,350/- At Guwahati,Assam.I will post my experience with dlink in this forum.At least others will not suffer.MY speed with this router on dataone-

    My Experience with DLINK GLB502T-

    Copy and paste link to your browser or view my other posts.
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  8. vijaykhairnar

    vijaykhairnar New Member

    This is really good router. I am fully satisfied with it. No disconnection problems or any other problems.

  9. prakash_mvpa

    prakash_mvpa Member

    I am using this router for many is fine.
    I have all troubles with d-link's latest avatar -"GLB-802C" 4 times RMA'ed and still keeps failing :p
  10. amlansarma

    amlansarma New Member

    Can Anyone suggest?

    Can Anyone suggest me how to properly setup this router with BSNL dataone and portforward.
  11. prakash_mvpa

    prakash_mvpa Member

    use it in bridge mode and open the needed ports via firewall .why hassles?
  12. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER


    This modem is similar to Ut300R2u new.
    try these links.
    Iball baton Modem_Router

    The little I know about Dataone Broadband Services offered by BSNL
    Select Dialer mode or "Always On " mode link.
    If on dialer mode above post refers.
    All ports are open.

    specify application and port details.
    Check for Ut300r2u in www.

  13. vijaykhairnar

    vijaykhairnar New Member

    I am using in bridge mode. In bridge mode no need of port forwarding. This way I am able to download 4 to 5 GB data using µTorrent during night unlimited time ie. 2.10 am to 7.50am.
  14. meetdilip

    meetdilip Guest

  15. amlansarma

    amlansarma New Member

    Iball Baton IB LR 6111A -Port forward

    I have found way how to port forward.
    1.Open the Router configuration page by typing in your browser.
    2.Click Advanced setup.
    3.Then click NAT.
    4.After that click virtual servers. There you will find add button.Click that.
    5.Then Select Custom server and write Utorrent(your case it might be some thing else)
    6.In Server IP address I have put
    7.External Port Start-See your port in the Utorrent
    External Port End- Same as above
    Internal Port Start- Same as above.
    8.Then save.
    9.Then go to maintenance and click Save and reboot.

    Last Night I got download speed of 220-235 Kbps at Upload speed of 20Kbps with forwarding port. By the way Port forwarding is not required in Bridge mde(dial mode).It is required only in PPPoE mode(Alaways on).You can check what amount I downloaded last night -

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  16. vijaykhairnar

    vijaykhairnar New Member

    I could not do port forwarding. Therefore I am using bridge mode. See the result. That is also useful for me to auto download during free night unlimited using µTorrent.



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  17. superprash2003

    superprash2003 New Member

    well atleast you got a solution!!
  18. amlansarma

    amlansarma New Member

    Can you tell me your Utorrent settings?I am impressed with your downloads and uploads.
  19. vijaykhairnar

    vijaykhairnar New Member

    version 1.8.3

    connection > Add windows firewall exception ( checked )
    ( rest unchecked )
    ( Here read the number of port and open it in windows firewall )

    Bandwidth > Maximum upload rate (kB/s) = 50
    Alternate upload rate (kB/s) = 70
    Maximum download rate (kB/s) = 0 (unlimited)
    Global maximum number connections = 250
    Maximum number peers connected per torrent = 50
    Number upload slots per torrent = 5
    Use additional upload slots if upload speed < 90% ( checked )
    Queuing > Number active torrents = 5
    Number of active downloads = 3
    ( rest unchecked )
    Web Ul > Enable Web Ul ( Unchecked)

    Try these settings.
  20. vijaykhairnar

    vijaykhairnar New Member

    Port forwarding For This Router

    Port forwarding For This Router
    ADSL2+ Router iB-LR6111A (iball Baton)

    If you are using PPPoA/PPPoE mode ( That is always connected mode ). Then this may be useful post for you.

    Or else

    In Bridge Mode No need of Port Forwarding as all ports are forwarded automatically.

    Type in your browser to open configuration page.
    Type Username & Password ( Default admin in both places )
    click OK

    Advanced setup > Nat >
    Select Virtual Circuit = PVC1

    Click Virtual Server

    Virtual Server for : Single IP Account
    Rule Index : 1
    Application : ( Here don't select any thing. )
    Protocol : ALL
    Start Port Number : ( µTorrent port number ) Find out this number from µTorrent > Options > Speed Guide : Current Port
    End Port Number : ( µTorrent port number ) Same as above
    Local IP Address : ( This is your current ip address given in LAN tcp/ip setting )
    Click Save

    Finally go to Maintenance > SysRestart
    Click Restart

    After That again go to µTorrent > Options > Speed Guide : Curent Port
    Click "Test if port is forwarded properly"

    If Result is OK then every thing is right.


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