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Discussion in 'Tata sky' started by Preeti_20, May 12, 2009.

  1. Preeti_20

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    I think sometimes the active channels can be quite good, but the one problem i find is that the screen that they show is too small. I generally watch the active cooking and its always good to see how someone cooks something, as its not as good as reading the procedure. I think their either need to remove the screen completely or have a bigger, full version screen.

    How many of you watch any of the active channels, do you think there is any point in having them?
  2. neo001

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    As far as I know Active services on tata sky are paid services only a few active services are free on tata sky and also Active cooking is also a paid service have you subscribed for that.

    I Have dishtv connection and all the active services are free on dishtv like Bhakti Active which is really very good with Ganga aarti in evening and also Tirupati aarti in morning as well as live gurbani. where the same service on tata sky is paid one and due to this many of subscriber would not enjoy thses service on tata sky.

    I personally thing all active services should be available to their subscriber for free of cost. Not like TATA SKY who charge for active services as well.

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