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Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by swapnilraj, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. swapnilraj

    swapnilraj New Member

    I am from Lucknow and want to activate 3G on my Samsung Galaxy 3. Is there any message I need to send? Thank You in advance.
  2. gauravgtm

    gauravgtm New Member

    BSNL 3G will be automatically activated in the specified time after purchase of BSNL 3G SIM, Put your mobile in UMTS mode and change your default access point to "bsnlnet" without qutes
    if thats not working in a rare case Go to this link New 3G User Registration

    And in case if you are a 2G SIM (prepaid) user,just send an SMS to 53733 as M3G120.Within mins you'll get a message to confirm.As soon as you reply with M3G120Y you will be migrated to 3G. :)
  3. swapnilraj

    swapnilraj New Member

    No Reply/Postpaid?

    Thank you for your reply, but I did not receive a reply from BSNL, on my prepaid, what are the steps to activate a 3G connection on a postpaid connection?
  4. scorpion2189

    scorpion2189 New Member

    I am a 2G postpaid customer. What message should i send to activate 3G on my cell? I am using 225 plan which has150 Mb worth of free usage for 3G.I do not want to activate any other plan costing more.
  5. mickey

    mickey New Member

    1. Send SMS M3G120 TO 53733
    2. Wait until you get a confirmation SMS and follow instructions to send SMS M3G120 Y to 53733
    3. Wait for some more time – approx 1hr to get another welcome message for 3G. Restart your mobile and you shall see the 3g signals.
    Now Convert BSNL 2G Prepaid Sim to 3G Sim |
  6. swapnilraj

    swapnilraj New Member

    No Reply.

    I didn't get any reply for the instructions.
  7. mickey

    mickey New Member

    better you should ask the local bsnl people to set your sim to activate 3G on it manually.. :)
    somethings work better that way in our country..:eek:

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