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  1. Tikona_Victim

    Tikona_Victim New Member

    Just came across their ad this morning and this is the info that I get on their web.

    ACT offers high speed low cost connections on an FTTH platform.

    You get to surf the net without any hindrances like buffering while downloading movies or music.

    No glitches while gaming and least amount of time spent on research for work or for your child's education with our high speed deliveries.

    Unlimited speeds,Countless benifits with Power of Fiber.

    FTTH-Fiber-To-The-Home enabling Speedy BroadBand all times,anytime!

    Faster,Smoother experience streaming movies,playing games or music.
    Wifi available on demand.

    Hassle Free Installation-No phone line required,No modem required.

    No Internet Connection Failures,Power back-up upto 4hours.

    Scalability - Speed upgrades from 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps are possible!

    And most importantly, all this at the lowest costs possible!

    Tariffs :
    One time installation cost of Rs. 500

    Wifi Security Deposit � Rs 1500 � Monthly rental Rs 50 { Wi-Fi purchase from the company not mandatory. User can use self owned Wi-Fi modem. }

    ACT BB Value : 1Mbps till 15GB, beyond that 256 kbps - Monthly 599

    ACT BB Extra : 2Mbps till 25GB, beyond that 512 kbps - Monthly 849

    ACT BB Premium : 5Mbps till 35GB, beyond that 512 kbps - Monthly 999

    > Please ensure timely payment to avoid disconnection
    > Valid from 1st January, 2011
    > All Prices are exclusive of taxes

    Availability : :( :(

    Wilson Garden
    HRBR Layout
    Frazer Town
    Ramamurthy Nagar
    Cunningham Road
    Brigade Road
    OMBR layout

    :: ACT Broadband ::
  2. thetrancelover

    thetrancelover New Member

    I came across the same ad on the paper too. I was wondering about how their service is.
    My main concerns are:

    >Consistency of Bandwidth and service
    >Customer Support
  3. jabirahmed

    jabirahmed New Member

    cheap service

    cheap service ..

    their reps come and take the money but you never get the connection. you need to keep calling them...

    its been 10days since i paid up and no connection yet
  4. mostvisited

    mostvisited New Member

    Yes their installation team is bit slow, i too had to wait for 12 days almost to get the connection. But their speed is awesome. I have checked it on and most of the time it was above 2MBPS ( mine is 2MBPS unlimited). Now I want to use my wifi router to share that connection but its not happening. Have called their customer care but not expecting anyone soon:( . Mine is TPLink wireless router. It would be great if someone here could help me.
  5. harishcoorg

    harishcoorg New Member

    bsnl broadband is much much better than ACT

    Hi folks,
    “bsnl broadband is much much better than ACT”. guys never take a connection from ACT. as I mentioned the govt BSNL is far better than ACT. worst customer care. Before getting the connection, executives use to call me every day even after telling that BAS***D not to call. at last I thought to try the broadband, once after applying and paying the money, no communication from their side. after trying several days one fine day i got response that, they are coming on that day around 2:30. they are coming. i came to my house leaving all office works, found they are not here and after calling they said, evening they will come. this continued for 1 week,once after getting the connection. from the day 1 no proper connection,. disconnection every 10 minuts. tried calling customer care, excecutives. no response.

    PLEASE FOLKS DONT TRY THIS CONNECTION. I FELT BSNL IS FAR BETTER THAN ACT. STILL PLANING TO GETTING RECONNECTION OF BSNL. havent tried airtels. if anyone tried in banaswadi area and any good review please do let me know
  6. BBNL

    BBNL New Member

    have any of you tried BBNL broadband

    try BBNL broadband, they are offering unlimited broadband internet upto 5Mbps for just Rs 1000 along with Cable TV
  7. egunda

    egunda New Member

    ACT Broadband Bangalore Review 100% True

    Hello Readers,

    My name is Vivek Sinha Anurag and i am going to post some "great" work shown by Act Broadband.

    I applied for ACT Broadband 5 Mbps plan [its having cap value of 35GB after that speed will reduce to 256 kbps] by calling their customer care on 16th Aug 2011. I was surprised to see their lightening fast response as the representative came to my doorstep the very next day and on 17th Aug 2011 Mr Ashitt O.S. collected the money and documents and told me that withing 5 days i will get my connection and i even got sms confirmation that my request no is 142263.

    Now the real story started. Even after 6 days no one ever bothered to check my request so i called customer care [ 080-42840000] to remind them and i was told that i will get it withing next 2 days. I waited for next 2 days and called them again.

    I was surprised to learn a new technical term from them that they are "Uploading network" hence its taking time and soon i will get my connection. Since my work was getting affected because of their delay i applied for a BSNL connection too. Now today is 5th September and i am still waiting for the connection and to my surprise i got the BSNL broadband last week.

    I tried escalating this matter and asked the customer care for any high level contact and they said that i need to mail I emailed them but i got no response.

    Please note some points regarding ACT broadband before applying ACT broadband
    1. They dont have nodal officer/appellate authority [against TRAI rules and i have already escalated this matter to TRAI officials with the help of]
    2. They have a customer base of 2500 users in bangalore and they are not able to manage even this small number.
    3. They DO NOT PROVIDE STATIC IP [even if they claim to do so]
    4. Their customer care service is useless. All you will losse is your balance by talking to them
    5. They can "Upload network" [You can imagine the understanding capability of their technicians]
    6. They are fast in collecting money but lazy in delivering service

    Final conclusion: To be on safe side stay away from them else you will suffer like me. Morning shows the day and even before using their service i am suffering. Don't know what will happen when i get the connection and i face any problem that time.

    This is 35th day after i applied for the connection and still no development in the work. So far i called them a number of times and as a result i know all the customer care representative like Shilpa, Tanuja, Kiran, Raghvendra.

    Never ever apply for ACT Broadband. This is my review for ACT Broadband services Bangalore
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  8. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    @ egunda

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It is always a risk opting for local providers. They are not as organized as main stream providers and mainly suffer in network related issues. I agree that there are some benefits of opting such service and if things work well, it could be great compared to regular service providers. But as you have known from your experience, the risk factor is high.

    I like BSNL here. They are lazy and all, but you need not pay a single rupee till you get the first bill. Better take some friends with you and ask the money back.
  9. harishcoorg

    harishcoorg New Member

    recent updation

    updating the current situation.
    As I mentioned earlier, I asked the customer care lady(apparently there is only one lady in bangalore customer care department, i guess she is the receptionist) to disconnect the connection and refund my money as they promised money back guarantee. its been 1 month no one visited my place to disconect or no communication from them. there answer was our excecutive will call you within 1 hours.

    I wrote review about the same in just dial website, within 2 days after writing the review, i got call from just dial guys, saying they will solve my issue by making a conf call with the propritor kishor. yes they did called that guy and I spoke with him as expected, I got the same response, " I will call you within 30 mins" I guess his clock stoped at that time. so till now I didnt get call from him.

    so guys pls pls dont go for this provider for anything. cable, broadband etc
  10. harishcoorg

    harishcoorg New Member

    Recent updates about my broadband.
    as I mentioned in the earlier posts that I did applied for disconnection and refund. recently I received mail saying THANKS FOR THE PAYMENT AND YOUR CONNECTION IS REACTIVATED. so thats understood that they will never going to pay me the refund. So those bastards will not listen until we go legally.

    I wrote review in JUST DIAL website. got a call from them and had a con call with Kishore who is claiming that he is the propriotor of the ACT. he promised that he will call me within 1 hour. but till now I didnt get any call from that man. even just dial didnt approve my review in their website. till now I thought that just dial will place the reviews whatever it is. but they will place our review only if the review is good.
  11. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    You can tell CC that you are making a criminal complaint to POLICE. , If they don't give any reply in writing. or refund the amount paid.

    Send an email also with CC to local Police if available.

    How about complaining in the local newspapers.
    What is the amount involved.?

    Can you prove that the company had not laid any cable in your area ?
    Anybody in the neighbourhood having an active internet connection ?

    Reactivated : your connection is working now ?
  12. harishcoorg

    harishcoorg New Member

    could get the number of the manager.

    found the number in just dial and called Fr. kishor 9538863052, his response was as expected. he was busy and told that he will be calling back. but he didnt. its been more than a month. But when I call now they are not picking the call. after trying more than 10 times one lady picked and rightaway her response was WRONG NUMBER again called. this time was male voice. I asked him, "am i speaking with Kishor" his response was yes. and once I told him that I am Harish here. his response changed to WRONG NUMBER.

    yesterday I got one more bill for the usage. I am not at using the connection and I dont have the cable at my residence. and they are sending the bill.

    please let me know if we can form a group and go with legal action.
  13. rohan roy

    rohan roy New Member

    I was completely doubtful about ACT Broadband after reading all these posts. It's just because my neighbor was using ACT Broadband and was satisfied with it I opted for 5 Mbps Rs. 999 plan. It's been 2 months now and I have never faced any issues. Their download speed it pretty decent and upload is the most awesome. The best part is i upload a lot and they don't count upload in my suprise they have increased the Fup LIMIT of all the plans...earlier 5 Mbps had 35 GB limit now it's 50 GB. so as of now i'm completely company is giving 5 Mbps at rs. 999 with 50 GB sucks big time though their service is ok, damn expensive with lowest download limit..and what to say about BSNL? No words to describe how pathetic their internet is...full of bloody government attitude..tikona, god only save us from them...after using all these three company I feel ACT is relatively better...fastest and cheapest
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  14. umesh2385

    umesh2385 New Member

    Got ACT Broadband in Bangalore two weeks back

    Hello Everyone,

    I got ACT broadband activated two weeks back and so far everything has been very good. I got the basic plan to try out their service and I in the last two weeks have found the connection to be very stable. I use it for work as well and my VPN works like a charm with this connection.

    I also got a 10% discount on my monthly rental as work in a MNC. That was very cool. I dont get that even with the company approved list of ISP's. I was very sceptic about ACT after reading all the reviews here. But I did not make a single phone call to anyone after paying the installation charges. They called me up and did everything. I got the connection in 5 days from the date of payment which is very good timing considering my experience with other ISP's.

    Hearing all this my neighbour also got the connection. He also did not have any problems what so ever.

    They have also introduced online payment as well. They are relatively new to this and seem be getting their act together. Now they have expanded their coverage area as well. They are covering lot more areas like Benson Town, JC Nagar, HBR Layour, Nagavara, and Thanisandra to name a few
  15. well, i paid ACT, and i have been waiting for the past 1.5 months. I made the application end of last year. Still nothing ... I have asked for a refund, and it is in process ...
    their service is very high latency, and very low bandwidth :mad:
    i have complained that their staff is bloody lazy !
  16. umesh2385

    umesh2385 New Member

    To be frank, I have not faced any problems with them so far. I recently upgraded my plan. It was also very smooth. I just sent an email and they responded next day saying plan was changed. And when I checked it was. shows very low latency for me. And my bandwidth has never gone down below 1.8 Mbps. I have a 2Mbps connection now.

    May be the sales persons are the ones to blame in your case.

  17. umesh2385

    umesh2385 New Member

    I completely agree with your assessment. No they have introduced 10 Mbps plans for the same price. Which is even more awesome. Did you try those new plans?

  18. umesh2385

    umesh2385 New Member

    I am using my own router for wireless connectivity. It worked great. All you need to to is Setup Wireless security on your router. Your router has to support WEP/WPA-PSK mode. I am using a Trendnet router.

  19. vikaslohia

    vikaslohia New Member

    is the TS from ACT?
  20. shirishkulk

    shirishkulk New Member

    dude.... which is ur area

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