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  1. soldier313

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    This Broadband is provided by ACT Television.This Broadband is fully operational only in Bangalore. I had long wished to test this connection out(due to frustration, as i had BSNL Broadband).
    I decided to call their Customer Care No: 080 4284000 on 21 Jan 2012(Saturday) at around 2PM.Then took Option 1 for broadband.Then again took option 1 for enquiries. I was immediately connected to a customer care executive. I told him that i want a new connection and gave him my area Details that is Halasuru,Bangalore.

    Around 6PM their Sales Executive came and collected 1 Passport Size Photo, ID Proof. I wanted the ACT BB Premium Connection which costs 999(exclusive of Tax, Tax is 10.2 % so i think it comes around Rs.1100).

    The Plan's Features are as follows

    Speed: 10mbps
    FUP: 50GB (beyond that 512kbps). Uploading is not included, so you can do unlimited Uploading.
    Sharing: 1:8

    Here comes the weird part. Other than the Installation Charge of Rs.500 , we are asked to pay the First Month's bill in advance. Mind you, its still Postpaid. They say the next bill will come after 2 months(ie, 1st month already paid during installation, 2nd Month bill will come on the 1st of 3rd Month).

    So with Tax i had written out a cheque in favour of Atria Technologies Pvt Ltd for Rs.1100 + Rs.500= Rs. 1600

    The very next day, Surprisingly, as it was a Sunday, the installation team came with the wires by evening 7PM. Installed it. Wired Connection with a RJ45 Jack.At the end of the Installation, one of the Engineer called the backend support and passed on the phone to me. I was asked to verify the Details of my contact no, email id and Address. Once done , they sent a email and SMS which had the login details.

    Whenever a new session is formed you will hbe redirected to, where you will have to give the login details.

    Now i immediately started testing my speed of my BSNL BB(which i have not yet disconnected) and ACT BB

    Method 1:


    Ping Download Speed Upload Speed

    BSNL UL 750 91ms 0.48Mbps 0.38Mbps

    ACT BB Premium 19ms 10.2Mbps 9.8Mbps


    Method 2: Downloaded the latest Adobe Reader 10.12 which is 51.2MB. I use Internet Download Manager.


    BSNL UL 750 10 minutes @ Avg Speed of 60KBPS

    ACT BB Premium 45 seconds @ Avg Speed of 1.2 MBPS


    I was more than glad with the results. I have placed an order for Cisco LinkSys Router(N-Series,WRT120N) by calling up ACT Broadband Customer Care. They say it costs Rs.1500(incl of Tax), which is fine because in market it costs Rs.1800.

    For once i like the broadband connection i have.

    Though the service is claimed to be fully operational in Bangalore i dont think they cover all areas. So those who want a connection confirm whether they offer service in your area and then pay the money.
  2. dushie

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    They are available in only selected areas, i was wanting to switch or upgrade from BSNL, unfortunately they do not provide services in HSR Layout. So finally upgraded to BSNL ULD1350 4Mbps plan. Hoping someday they would give service here also.
  3. Lalitesh Kumar

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    Even if they have the coverage the connectivity is not assured. I have been struggling to restore my connection from 3-4 days and not able to do. I was using it for one and half month and suddenly it got down without any reason. Now the ACT broadband people are very reluctant in restoring it and giving me the connection back. May be the reason is that I have paid for 3 months of rental in advance, so they are concentrating on acquiring new customer rather than focusing on old customer :-(
  4. bcimran

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    Please dont waste your time with ACT bb. They never kept up their commitment of installation.
    Infact their sales guy (Murali) was very abusive when I asked on why he didnt keep up the commitment.

    Cancelled my connection the next day after applying for one. No one seems to have taken the cancellation request forward.
    Spoke to a supervisor at the cust care no. He listen to it and promised i would get a call back from their manager and a new connection in 48 hours.
    Didnt get a call nor is the connection done.

    Had to deal all over again with another Supervisor called Sudan who promised it will be up by 7pm. And now he tells me his team will reach later today.

    PLEASE dont waste your time on ACT. They are nothing but a bunch of clowns. Guess they picked the wrong person to mess with.
    Forwarding a complaint to TRAI (through my contacts there) and being a social media manager gonna set up a campaign to share my experience.

    You havent heard the last of me ACT!


  5. Tubelight

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    I thought ACT broadband would have had good reviews, but seems like their customer service is not good either.
  6. Gollu

    Gollu New Member

    Isn't ACT broadband available in other cities like Delhi and Hyderabad as well?

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