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  1. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    The standard procedure to access the modem IP(default gateway) address is
    (A)Start RUN type cmd Ok
    New window will open
    type ipconfig /all

    will show what you have entered .
    (B)Start Network LAN/WLAN
    Network settings page opens
    Select TCP/IP
    Select obtain IP address automatically
    Also DNS
    apply Save.
    Go back to (A)

    (C) Enter the default Gateway
    example. etc

    (D) If You are connected to Internet and can surf
    Check your IP Static or Dynamic
    Then enter it in Browser address bar.
    Then a window will open to access the router.
    (E) Reset the modem with power on for 20 to 30
    seconds . Factory Defaults are Restored.
    If the ISP has changed IP/Modem UserID/PW
    we cannot do anything.

    (F) alternate UserID support password
    ............... user password.
  2. stick0

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    The funny thing is that when i type ipconfig /all new windows open up for a sec and vanishes even if i open the ipconfig /all in Admin mode.
  3. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    1.START All programs Accessories " command Prompt "
    2. Start RUN type cmd Ok
    New window
    C:/Documents and Settings/ cmd.exe

    3. Start RUN type ipconfig /all OK
    Window appears and disappears

    4. Start RUN type
    window opens and stays.
  4. stick0

    stick0 New Member

    I actually forgot that in 7 ipconfig /all can't be open directly .BTW should i post an image of what values is showing in ipconfig?

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