A Projector With Wifi Built-in


Guardian Angel
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TVs have become "smarter" and have all sorts of apps. Maybe in future, projectors will become smart. The thing is that there is no such demand right now and as they say ... necessity is mother of inventions.


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Projectors were popular until the time large plasma and lcd screens came into being and now that you can get a fairly large plasma or lcd TV at a reasonable price as compared to a good quality projector the market has dried up. Meeting rooms and class rooms still need projectors purely because they cant have a large television hanging on the wall as a permanent feature and projectors being very portable, other then that I dont see why some one would buy a projector for home use when you can buy a 70-80 inch television providing a lot better picture quality without the need to make your room too dark.

Until about 10 years ago people who had the money used to buy projectors for home use.