4 Mbps connection, but getting only 2 Mbps

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by meetdilip, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. meetdilip

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    Ok, there are lot of similar queries. I think it is time for a thread than repeating the same process again and again.

    4 Mbps is a recent introduction by BSNL. There are quite a few plans which promise 4 Mbps speed but gives only 2 Mbps in actual. Many members think that BSNL is bluffing with their 4 Mbps advertisement. It is true that BSNL is to be blamed for the whole fiasco, but there is a way out.

    Why it is so ?

    In order to prevent malpractices, BSNL has set a speed cap of 2 Mbps (which was then the maximum speed in a BSNL connection). Now they have introduced 4 Mbps but have not lifted the cap in many exchanges causing 2 Mbps speed for 4 Mbps connections.

    What to do ?

    1. The best solution is to talk to the SDE of your exchange. Talk to customer care and ask for his number. Request him to lift the cap (which take just a few minutes). Most members got their problem solved this way.

    2. Complain here


    3. If nothing works, a written complaint with receipt to Nodal officer and/or Appellate authority may help. Address, ID and phone no. on the backside of your phone bill. Talk to them and seek help.

    Once given a written complaint, they are bound to give a written reply (positive or negative) which you can use if you wish to contact higher officials or consumer court.

    Hope this helps. Share the word :)
  2. playersjohn

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    first of all i wana tell you one thing that if any company claims you tht they are providing 2mbps or any speed,that mean this is the highest speed you may get.your average speed will be different.
  3. sharma.rockstar

    sharma.rockstar New Member

    Still waiting to get my cap increased

    Just changed to this plan recently. Getting a speed around 1.5 - 2.5 mbps (varies a lot sometimes). Still in talks with them, they say that they have changed the cap but am still getting a speed around 2 mbps. Lets see what happens. :(
  4. param_nokia

    param_nokia New Member

    Please Post Your DSL Status Page Here...
    Type on your browser
    type username as admin;password also admin
    Post Your SNR Values Here
  5. sharma.rockstar

    sharma.rockstar New Member

    Here it is. Kindly go through it let me know. Thanks. They are telling tht they have forwarded a mail to their chandigarh office. Strange !

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  6. sharma.rockstar

    sharma.rockstar New Member

    Sorry for the previous image. Curently online from mobile. Please go through it. Thanks.

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  7. tanmaygandhi89

    tanmaygandhi89 New Member

    Thank you MeetDilip for ur advice.Worked for me.
    The Bsnl ppl called me up to chk my speed n voila it showed 6 Mbps connecting speed :).
  8. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Always welcome :)

    @ sharma.rockstar

    Hope you tried the link I gave. Now your best chance is to complain to Nodal officer or Appellate authority. You can find ID, phone no. and address on the backside of your bill. Try a written complaint with acknowledgement to one/bothof them. If possible attach a print out of your speed test in the complaint. Once you give a written complaint, you will get a written reply (positive or negative) which you can use for further actions.

    Also try to download any file from Microsoft and check your speed. That will give an exact idea of your speed. Hope this helps.
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  9. bodmas

    bodmas Member

    @param_nokia ~ I am getting download speed of 512Kbps since 1st date of the month. My billing cycle is from 1st to 31st of the month. Earlier i use to get speed of 1.7Mbps. Please check attached ADSL pic.

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  10. sharma.rockstar

    sharma.rockstar New Member

    I am now satisfied with my connection. Got a max speed of 7 mpbs :D and an avg of 4.5 !! Am happy !! Thanks a lot !! :):)
  11. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Congrats :)

    @ bodmas

    SNR a bit low and attenuation is a bit high. Get your line checked. Ask the line man to give a line without joints or non insulated parts.
  12. sirjilive

    sirjilive New Member

    same problem

    i have bsnl broadband 3mbps plan but i have getting only 255 kbps..
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  13. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    @ sirjilive

    Tried post no. 1 ?
  14. capsi

    capsi New Member

    what did you do? please share with us .
  15. vmsanandh

    vmsanandh New Member

    I got the same problem. I changed my plan from 2 Mbps to 4 Mbps. I was getting 2 Mbps for more than 3 days. When confirming, BSNL ppl said tht the plan has been changed. They also said tht some setting have to be changed for getting 4 Mbps speed and they did in 10 min and i got the 4 Mbps speed. You better go directly and ask concerned office in BSNL or try DE, Broadband's number in your area.
  16. bodmas

    bodmas Member

    @meetdilip ~ After 25 days of struggling with BSNL customer care guys, I am getting 3.4Mbps speed now :D. Actually the problem was with the Line from the pole. Secondly, SNR values are still same [Please check the attachment below] So how i am getting so much speed boost. BSNL guy explains me that whenever your plan speed doubles, it will make your SNR value half. As well as SNR also depend upon distance and my place is almost 4KM from exchange.

    Solution for this is Optical fibre cable which may they launch in this year ending. Any comment guys!

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  17. pkm.sbp

    pkm.sbp New Member

    I am having the same plan of 1350 Combo ULD but getting only speed of 1.7 Mbps instead of 3.5 to 4 Mbps from the beginning i.e about 3 days and then i talked to the Nodal Officer about the problem and to lift the cap but he said that's the max speed i can get as my place is too far from the exchange.Actually the exchange is about 3 to 4 kms from my location.
    So, I wanna ask whether is that true what the nodal officer told?

    Here is my DSL status :-

    Downstream Data Rate :2044900
    Upstream Data Rate :509800
    SNR (Downstream) :25.5 dB
    SNR (Upstream) :18.0 dB
    Line Attentuation(Downstream) :42.5 dB
    Line Attentuation(Upstream) :24.5 dB
  18. mickey

    mickey New Member

    yes thats little far...
  19. pkm.sbp

    pkm.sbp New Member

    ok but is that the max speed i can get or it should be more and what about the DSl statistics?
  20. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Attenuation is a bit high. May be because of that.

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