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Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by preferity, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. preferity

    preferity New Member

    hi guys

    I bought a beetel 3g modem device model no mf190 at a price 2400/-
    But when i checked the download speed with a demo 3g bsnl sim i just got frustrated.i checked the speed in huwai 7.2 Mb and huwai 3.6 Mb supporting device and both the device gave more speed than my device though my device support 7.2 Mb.I checked all this with same sim, same place and with same laptop.

    so my question is. 1)is there any problem with my device?Any explanation?

    2)how to increase the speed?

    Seller will not refund the money as he only promised me that the device will work with every GSM sim.

    3)So any other way to fix it?

    Now i'm using this device with aircel 2g sim(EDGE) and getting 15-20 KBps download speed.

    4)Is it normal?

    I'm planing to buy a BSNL 2g sim as in my place 3G sim is out of stock and they can't when it will be available again.

    5)can anyone tell me what is the download speed in 2g sim of BSNL?

    I think it will give more speed than Aircel as bsnl unlimited internet cost 274 and aircel unlimited cost 98 only.

    Anyone using this device please post your experience and suggestion plz.
  2. ramli7

    ramli7 Member

    When you have tested and got good speeds with known devils of Huawei modem, why did you prefer for unknown angel of Beetel modem ?

    Beetel are known for their land line phones.

    Then how you have checked 3G speed ? ' 3G sim out of stock ' is strange thing. Why can't you try in the near by BSNL center ?

    Get a 3g SIM and opt for 700rs unlimited 3G plan, to get amazing speed of Mbps, instead of getting only Kbps speeds in 2G for 274rs.
  3. preferity

    preferity New Member

    I bought the device before i checked the test with demo sim.

    Actually the device is made by ZTE but there is a logo of beetel in the device and airtel is marketing for this device.

    I bought this just because it has all the options with huawei modems which comes with 6 months warranty and costs 2900.And i got the device in 2400 with 1yr warranty.

    And i checked in my nearest BSNL center and authorized shops but they are totally out of stock.

    I'm also facing heating,dissconnection and manytimes i'm not able to login, showing some hardware error.This perticuler thing happens when i use the device above 30 mins.

    so i'm really confuged about the potential of this device.It can't handle the 2g properly so i'm not sure how it will handle 3g.

    I'm planing to buy 2g right now because in my area 3g only gave 150 KBps download speed with huawei modem and 80-90 KBps with my modem.So i'm not ready to pay 4200 at a time.

    I heared they are giving 3g sim in 179 with 8 GB free for 7 days.I think i should go for this and after testing the speed in my place i will recharge 4200 if i'm satisfied.

    But don't know when they will be able to provide the sim.Actually the BSNL people just don't want to work always try to bypass the customer to other hand and say anything to wash their hands.
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