3g speed on 2g sim [bsnl] [tested] [2gb plan ]

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    RUXBERG New Member

    Recently 3G Launched India and we get speed around 200-500 kbps
    Before 3G in 2G we get around 10-25 kbps..........................................................................
    we have a 2G Sim
    any stick unlocked supported 3G SPEED and HPSA-NETWORK Best Offers 7.2mbps
    i have HUAWEI e1732
    Huawei E1732 Has Better Signal Strength.jpg

    now Recharge your Bsnl Sim with 98 Rs. GPRS pack which include 2gb Data for 30 days ..... And its a 2G plan.....
    NOW Insert Sim
    Recharge Done....
    Check SMS.....
    GPRS Activated Checked!!!!!!!
    NOW Insert Stick in PC,LAPPY,ETC..
    IN LEFT CORNER THERE IS HSPA OR WCDMA Showing That means you are in 3G network....Congrats now set setting to Bsnl.....[ APN-STATIC-> Dail number-*99# -> APN-bsnlnet ->Save -> Default ----> and that's all :p and ya ok!!!

    NOW ----------------------------------------------------------<>-------------------------------------------------
    Things To Remember
    -> you will have 3G speed For Only 24 Hours or less ......
    -> Your 3G Data or 2G data will over in 2 Hour if you download a HD-MOVIE
    -> After That If you reactivate your plan 2GB - 98 rs. It won't work again...
    -> You have to wait for the pervious plan to be over that is --> 30 days after that only you will get you speed
    -> I tried everything and in perivous post got a solution that is ---> no solution Bsnl F**** PLAYIN.
    -> so if you want another 3G speed buy another sim activate it to 2G and recharge it with 98 rs and it will work again ........
    -> if you want 3G speed try to buy post paid sim and activated 3G plan............................
    -> Don't go askin that why that bsnl do things like this I don't know

    3G Activated In 2G Sim Proof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AND after 2 DAYS having various effort to get back that old 3G speed in 2G plan got in vain
    3G got 2G
    3G got 2G.JPG

    And Thankx for Reading Post and don't let yourself Fool by that
    And Remember That If you reactivate you 2G GPRS PLAN it will not give you 3G speed untill the validity Of pervious plan is over!!!!
    or maybe you will get 3G speed for only some hours ...........
    ----------------------------------HOPE THIS POST HELP YOU -------------------------------------------------------
  2. $h@d0w

    $h@d0w Guest

    This is a very old information. It has been posted numerous times in various threads. Kindly check before bluntly posting. Thank You!
  3. sarveshmotihari

    sarveshmotihari Tech Crazy!!

    Ya...very old but useful info.

    RUXBERG New Member

    As Like $h@d0w said
    This is old
    but i don't want to see someone wasting money for These shits
    so i put a resolve for other so that they can bypass that dullness
    Thank you Very much Shadow
  5. samit

    samit New Member

    you should always remember that you are paying for 2g but u got 24 hour 3g...it is good no need to abuse or point out the company...but there are many fools who keep on buying new sims..and activating 2g plan several times..i think the company might give 2 g sim for advertisement so that the customer may shift from 2g to 3g for that old speed....

    RUXBERG New Member

    Well its nice that they offer plan like these
    but they should also put a resolve for that coz there are more fools in the world then intellgent
    so, don't bluff yourself
  7. tom.ken75

    tom.ken75 Banned

    I am using BSNL 2G sim. The speed is better but 3G speed is unbelievable.
  8. dushie

    dushie Member

    Can anyone guide as to what recharge or top up i have to do for increasing validity. My 3G sim's validity is expiring by the end of the month.
  9. rays

    rays New Member

    i got only 1 high speed but now very slow
  10. Eneil

    Eneil New Member

    i got da 3g speed on 2g fr a month and now it all da fu.......... 2g speed
  11. rtz_0625

    rtz_0625 New Member

    for me it was only for a month or so then 2g

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