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    India is seeing an unprecedented increase in the mobile users. According of one of the latest TRAI reports released in November 2008, the total number of mobile users in India has reached 325 million. In October 2008 alone, 10.42 million new subscribers added. These figures are bound to shoot up with the launch of 3G network. Some of the major mobile players in India are BSNL mobile, Airtel mobile, Reliance mobile and Tata mobile. At one time Aircel mobile was leading the market; however, it has now lost the market share to BSNL mobile, Airtel mobile and other leading mobile players.

    With 3G network, mobile internet will have its internet capabilities enhanced and we will be able to have mobile broadband. BSNL mobile is planning to launch 3G network in January 2009. Airtel is expected to follow suit with 3G network. Airtel has already launched the Apple 3G iPhone in India in August 2008.

    With so much of competition in the mobile telecom industry, we can expect the tariffs for mobile broadband network from BSNL broadband, Airtel broadband and other leading players to be highly competitive. We can expect a great reception from the Indian mobile consumers. Mobile broadband is bound to change the entire internet experience. People who are currently using GPRS connection to surf the internet while they are on the move using their mobile phones, PDAs and Laptops know how convenient it is to have ‘internet on the move’. You can accomplish a lot of work even as you move from one place to the other and your business will not suffer because you are travelling. However, one of the pains of using GPRS connection is their painfully slow connections. We can over come these internet speed issues with 3G mobile network. We can enjoy internet at the speed of broadband not only at our homes and offices we can enjoy high-speed internet connections even while travelling.

    Most of us are closely following the announcements from all leading mobile players in India on their efforts to bringing 3G network to the Indian mobile community. It is rather surprising to note why Airtel who brought a revolution in the mobile industry, competitive rates and excellent services have not managed to launch 3G service yet.

    All those who have been waiting for the 3G network in India has reached the state of frustration as there is no word from the telecom department regarding when exactly we will be able to enjoy mobile broadband in India except for the occasional remarks from the leading mobile players in India such as BSNL mobile. Though BSNL mobile has plans to launch 3G network in January 2009, we can never be sure when exactly this will be realized. Interestingly, not many international players are interested in bidding in the 3G network auctions. However, if international players come in there will be an increased competition in the industry that will work for the advantage of the end users in terms of better-priced 3G solutions.
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    Is this definite news then?

    And seeing you know more about broadband connections and speeds, would you recommend getting the MTNL connection then?
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    LOL dont rush into mtnl yet ... I already have an mtnl connection with gprs activated ... I am waiting for the 11th when Mtnl is due to launch the 3g service throughout Delhi..

    Wait for my review before you buy one... unless you want to review it yourself :)
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    What are the benefits of 3G network? Data transfer speed will get better or what?

    I mean will it match broadband?
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    yes 3g network means broadband speeds and also videocalling :)
    Other then that you can use that broadband speed for anything you like...

    The best thing is that you can make voip calls like skype and all that using your mobile phone from anywhere now once 3g is launched.

    And this is not all there ar hundreds of things you can do with 3g... l
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    All i knew 3g was for was video calling, its good that i found out its other benefits too!
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    Mtnl has still not announced any cut in data transfer prices for their 3g mobile service :(
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    when 3g is getting introduced in airtel?
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    Ask Raja, the telecom Minister. Its Govt. regulation that is preventing pvt. parties.

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