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    First off, a big HELLO to everybody! :)This is my first post on this forum though I've been lurking as a guest for quite a few months now. Glad to be here.

    On to my query now...
    My ISP, Asianet Dataline, has started offering free downloads at night from 2-6 as of last night. So I set up things with WakeUpOnStandby so that it would wake my comp from Hibernate at 2 every night and download for 4 hours, after which it would automatically shut down. Cut and dry, I thought.

    Problem is, I have to login through a 24Online Client before I can go on and do this. I did a test run yesterday. I logged on using the 24Online Client at 12:45, configured WakeUpOnStandby and I sent the PC to hibernate. Now I wake up in the morning and I find that the session timed out after 20 minutes. This means one of two things:

    1, I need to login, leave the computer on and let scheduler run my download program and have everything shutdown by 6AM on its own. Not my favourite choice because I don't want to leave all the devices powered on, day in and day night.

    2, I figure out some way to login automatically to the 24Online Client (which btw is accessed thu a website at 2AM. This is where you guys come into play. If you do know how to work around this or if you have a better idea, please post below and let me know.

    Thanks for reading. :)
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    I figured out a solution for this on my own. I'm posting it here just in case anyone wants to know. This is directed mainly at those who find it impractical to login manually through a client such as 24Online in the middle of the night when the free download window opens up.

    You'll need to download a couple of programs in order to make this work
    1. WakeUpOnStandby - Primarily for waking up the computer from hibernate/standby at a scheduled time.
    2. Roboform - This will help automate the login process.
    Google for the download links, install them and then proceed.

    a) Go to the internet login page in your web browser. You'll notice the Roboform toolbar on top. Enter your username and password and click submit/login. A small Roboform window pops up asking you to save the login details. Save it.

    b) Click the Logins button on the toolbar and select Edit from the dropdown menu. A Passcard Editor window should appear. Click the Action menu, select Add Shortcut to>Desktop. You should now notice a new icon on the desktop. Opening that will open the link in your browser, fill up the login details and login automatically! We need to execute this file at the required time at night. Read on...

    NOTE: Make sure you don't have your browser automatically fill up details in the login page. Add the site to the list of exceptions if necessary.
    Also, if you don't want anything more to do with Roboform, go to "Options" and uncheck everything under "Autosave". And close the toolbar. But do not disable the program.

    c) Open WakeUpOnStandy, configure it so that it wakes up at the required time. Now, right click the previously created desktop shortcut and select Properties. Copy everything in the Target box that is within quotes. Paste the link to the second step in WakeUpOnStandby. Go back to the properties dialog, copy the part outside quotes (it should look like "-|") and paste it in the Params box in WakeUpOnStandby. It is necessary that you follow this process because typing in -| seperately in the Params box doesn't seem to work. You need to copy-paste from the Target box. Configure the rest of the options as per your needs.

    Before sending the computer to hibernate/standby at the end of the day, you need to leave you download manager/p2p torrent, WakeUpOnStandby and Roboform open. Schedule the download manager to start downloading at the desired time. If you use utorrent as your p2p client, just leave it on. It'll start downloading automatically once your internet connection is turned on.

    That's all there is to it. Cheers! :)
  3. happy news.i was unaware of this.thank you so much.
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    Took me a while to figure it out. Glad to sense the appreciation :)
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    Great work.
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    superb suggestion thanks you so much
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    Do easy things in a easy way

    I think if u r using allience 24 online service, then u must have 24 online client.if not then download it from your service provider's site. install it. Now if u start your computer, after then u have to run 14 online client and login.Right click on the icon of 24 online client in the taskbar.Click preference,click Auto Login, then OK.Start ur compu........ it will login auto....:) Happy downloading.
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    ADL Autologin is designed for Asianet Dataline users, especially those on Limited Data Packages.

    It has been a frequent problem to keep manually logging in with your Username and Password each time you want to browse the Internet.

    Sometimes you may want to Login to ADL as soon as the computer is booted up.

    Other times you may want to login or logout at specific times. Especially those on the very popular HOMENET475 package get free browsing from 2:00 AM to 8:00 AM. It is quite a chore to keep awake and to download what you need at 2:00 in the morning all the time. Methods are available but are cumbersome for those with little programming experience.

    Also, there is no fast way to find out how much of your monthly quota of Data you have used. You have to make a separate login and then only you can find out your total usage. Sometimes you exceed the allotted limits because you failed to notice that you overstepped the limits. And then you have to pay excess charges at very high rates!

    Now ADL AutoLogin is here to rescue you from all these problems.

    Download at:

    Don’t forget to leave your feedback.

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