12v Adapter For 10v Bsnl Router

My router is DNA-A211-I.
Its rating is 10V @ 750mA. It's adapter is not working now.

I have another adapter of 12V @ 1A (1000mA).
No polarity issue.

Will it work or instead I'll fry something out?


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You will fry it eventually....
The actual power requirement is 10v x 750mA = 750mW
And, what you are supplying is 12V x 1000mA=12000mW

(From Ohms law, Power (W) = Voltage (V) x Current (Amp) )


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Get your 10v adapter recoiled from your local electrician. Should cost a fraction of what a new adapter would cost. Atleast that is how it works with motors so I believe it cant be much different for adapters and transformers :)