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    How to change your bsnl broadband password.

    Go to or Type your current User ID and password. Go to Change Password Type your old password and new password then confirm password. Password has now been changed successfully.

    Procedure for checking your usage record of each month.
    Go to or Type in your current user ID and password. Go to 'Service record and check your usage.

    Please dont forget to change your passwords frequently.
  2. mmm

    mmm New Member

    ^ just a addon :
    after changing the password at the Dataone portal
    one has to change it in the modem / dialer sw .
  3. vikrambad

    vikrambad Guest

    problem in connecting

    hey dude i have got bsnl home-500.
    when i gone to my friends house and used his his phone wire to connect with my username and password, i was unable to connect:( . can i conect with my sername and password on only my phone number. but other of my friends were successfull in this operation. tell me why????????:confused: :confused: :confused:
  4. mmm

    mmm New Member

    ^ @ Vikram , most probably your Dataone account
    is port binded . that is it works only thru your phone
    number . and your friends' accounts are not port binded .
  5. neelendhar

    neelendhar Guest

    @ Vikram no no no
    vikram u can connect through your friends phone provided that it should have atleast 250 plan means u can access 500 plan through 250 plans phone line.
  6. mmm

    mmm New Member

    ^ :) [off topic] you are mistaken friend ...
  7. Rohitpatel

    Rohitpatel Guest

    This is great tips admin. Its worked for me. Its is better than dataone site login.
  8. rajat.pay

    rajat.pay Guest

    Can anyone tell me will our username and password be accessed by the BSNL Department. I mean in the database where my detaisl are stored is it in the coded format or is it visible to everyone. Moreover is it possible for them to track which website i visited on what date and on what time. Is it possible ???:confused:
  9. Rohitpatel

    Rohitpatel Guest

    Your detials is not visible to everyone so dont worry about it.

    For second question BSNL Department have not much facility to check such a things. I know expert can find it but BSNL can't.
  10. sandrarocks

    sandrarocks Guest

    I have got a quick question for you'll . The IP address that you have given to change the user name an password. Is it legal? Does BSNL herself recomends all users to access that IP address and allow us to make changes. If that is the case then there database is quite vunerable. I am suprised that has not yet been hacked.
  11. mmm

    mmm New Member

    ^ the given IP addresses belong to BSNL .
    These are dataone portals to provide the
    usage records to the users . This IP range
    is in a private network ; and sofar secured
    enough without the hacking troubles !
  12. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    I dont get your point. Any one can find out a sites ip address its no rocket science dnsstuff.com
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  13. hi i want to know how to disable port binding.
  14. mukullanke

    mukullanke New Member

    Hello, I am a user of Dataone Broadband since an year. I would open my account details through the address:"". But since yesterday, I am unable to open the same. So, I searched the net and came across this post and used the address:"" instead. And it opened up immediately. My question is whats the problem with the address:""? Do I need to do any changes in my Internet Explorer-6 settings?
  15. nagarjun

    nagarjun New Member

    After changing the password at the Dataone portal to change it in the modem.....can anyone pls tell me..
  16. om1278

    om1278 New Member

    how to change the bsnl broadband password
  17. sharks_me

    sharks_me New Member

    Look at the first post huh !!!
  18. satyacan

    satyacan New Member

    Can anyone answer, how to change the password in the modem / dialer sw??

    Thanks in advance
  19. batmanpratik

    batmanpratik New Member

    I've a question here...
    Why am I not able to open any of the IPs : or or links like these to view my account usages. ???

    Plz do tell me what r the IPs for ???

    I've my portal ID & password, can I have to somthing with that to activate the above IPs !!!

    Plz respond to this...
    Thx in advance.........
  20. om1278

    om1278 New Member - this website is not working and i want to change the broadband password ant want to check my account usage but ur website is not workins .So what can i do...?

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